Teitur - 12/5/06 @ World Cafe Live (upstairs) - Philly, PA

mp3 downloads: Teitur's intro to... The Visa Song [2 parts]

I had tickets to see Teitur in September at World Cafe Live (downstairs), but upon arriving at the venue, found out that he was having "visa problems" and was not allowed to enter the country. His merch table was there, though! So were his opening acts (though one was delayed by a late train). Kinda odd, and a bit of a bummer - but it didn't cost me anything, and I had a feeling he'd reschedule the gig when he got his shit together. Fast forward to December, and Teitur was coming back, without his band, and playing in the upstairs (smaller, more chatty) room. And while lacking some of the payoff musically, a solo Teitur show is a very enjoyable evening. I got a small table relatively close to the stage and got some cool pictures, but only when he was on guitar. He played half of his songs on piano but the light back there was crap. The links above are to the intro and song called The Visa Song that he mentioned a couple times prior to playing it late in his set; he fully explained exactly what happened and why he missed the earlier gig, and did so in his usual disarming, charming, funny way. Listen and laugh.

This is a particularly good one of the bunch, I think. Very clear and sharp. There were some harsh shadows created by that little spotlight and I got some good contrast depending on how and when he stepped into the light. You can also note the very wavy bangs that look swept to one side on his forehead. He kept repeatedly moving that swath of hair over, almost obsessively. I swear he was thinking about spitting in his hand during the show to get it to stick.

You also might notice he never sings with his eyes open, or at the least he might be looking at his guitar strings.

Teitur's not an extremely emotive singer, but I really like how I captured a bit of his brow strain during this song. The shadows frame his face nicely.

About halfway through the show, he tossled his own hair and gave himself an intense Alfalfa-spike in the back, where it stayed for the remainder.

He spent a decent amount of time back at the piano, where it was hard to get pictures. But he was loving the keys - I don't think he normally gets to play a real piano on tour, but since WCL keeps one on the stage he was all about playing it. He would do this goofy piano roll with his fingers, up the keys - and he said something like "I'm sorry but before every song I have to do this piano bar thing. It has to be done." And he did do it several times. Good stuff.

A friend of his who is apparently traveling with him on tour, this young lady sang beautiful back up vocals but was often difficult to hear. Teitur seemed to perk up a bit when she was on stage; she joined him for 3-4 songs.


This and the previous were taken with the camera on super-low-fi-digital-zoom mode. Frankly, I'm surprised at how well they turned out. Not too bad.

This one's a little blurry but I love the little grin he's got going on.

I wish I remembered the song during which this was taken... they look very solemn, almost sad. She seemed a tad uncomfortable on stage, waiting for her part to come along so she could sing. I like the feeling of this picture.

This was during the encore, and they were sort of attempting to share the mic. He seems pretty cheery during this song. Good show.


As soon as the gig was over, I got up and immediately thought of going to the restroom, but pretty much everyone else was getting up to leave at the same time, and I knew the bathroom was small. I was debating (internally) whether or not I should brave the inevitable wait uncomfortably at the venue or just book out of there and head home. I was at the opposite end of the room from the bathroom, so there was bound to be plenty of people ahead of me. I took a second to gather my stuff, but realized soon enough that I had to go. NOW! So I did. I strolled into the men's room (right past the merch table, which was mobbed) and there was only ONE other person in there, and they were at the sink. Of course I didn't look at him directly, or in the mirror, but I did catch a glimpse of his outfit just by walking by with natural peripheral vision. It looked familiar. He was making a motion with his hand across his head, like fixing his hair. Yeah, it was Teitur.

I'm no starfucker. I've met a handful of musicians I really look up to and that other people might know, but I hardly go out of my way to meet rock stars or get autographs. I can only think of three times in my life that I've actually asked someone to sign something. He was finishing up (apparently freshening up so as to prepare to meet & greet) and moving towards the door when I felt the urge to let him know I appreciated his talents. Luckily, I had not yet begun the urination process. So, I looked over at him and said "hey, great set tonight, I really enjoyed it." He sheepishly grinned and thanked me while nodding in appreciation. Then, just as he was opening the door, I snuck in "and thanks for coming back!" - meaning, thanks for rescheduling the gig, but I'm not sure it came off that way; either way, he leaned back in and smiled wide and said something like "oh, sure, of course" and was on his way. That's Teitur.

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