Miscellaneous Gig Pics

These didn't make the grade - either they were the only one or two good shots of the lot and not worthy of their own gallery, or it was a great show but all the pictures turned out shitty. A collection of not-quites.

John Faye of Ike and John & Brittany rocking the TLA on 11.11.11 - I spent most of my camera memory on Stargazer Lily but of the few I took of John, this one turned out nice.

Jeremy Lister at a killer TOT show from 9/20/11 at World Cafe Live (upstairs). Most of my pictures were horrible. This one was pretty good.

Butterfly Boucher from the same TOT show as above. Not as good.

Lovely shot of the crowd co-mingle during the encore sing-along. Ring of Fire, baby! TOT in the house.

This and the following 2 photos are from an XPN Free @ Noon concert at World Cafe Live. Will Hoge stopped by on 10/2/09, a week after a headlining show at Johnny Brenda's. Steph and I were at both; I tried to get some shots at this one but didn't succeed much. It didn't help that Will was seated for the show. It was great to see him after his big accident and recovery, back on stage and rocking new tunes from his great new record.

David Ryan Harris, 6/8/08 @ Upper Merion Township Park... a lovely show in the Concerts Under The Stars series up in King of Prussia, and the first time I ever finally got to see DRH after about 13 years of being a fan. He didn't dissapoint, though it was a solo show and he was a bit jet lagged. The crowd was a bit sparse and it was hot as hell, and I could have gotten to within about 2 feet of David to get some great shots, but I never got the nerve and then the show was over. I did have the honor of shaking his hand after the gig!

Rachael Yamagata, 4/24/08 @ TLA - opening up for Sara Bareilles. What a great bill - two of my favorite chick singers, and they're both hot. The crowd was way too young and squealy and just plain big, the show was great but I got no decent photos. I thought I was close enough, but not quite.

Pretty much all the Sara shots I got were crap. This one is actually the best.

Eve 6, back after breaking up a few years ago, return triumphantly 3/25/08 @ the Recher Theatre down in Towson, MD. Great, great show. Crappy, crappy photos. This is the best of the lot. Not saying much.

Emerson Hart (formerly of Tonic) had a gig upstairs @ World Cafe Live on 11/12/07, and I was shocked at the low turnout. He's written so many great songs with Tonic, and his solo debut wasn't bad (but not great). He likes his hat low to his face, though, and I wasn't that close, so not a lot of good pictures.

Kill The Alarm @ Grape Street - 10/21/06. Grape Street was a really hard place to get good shots. Garen looks good red, though.

Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers - 10/12/06 @ World Cafe Live. Here's a very, very dark Stephen & Soucy.

A blurry Boots on the kit.

At the very end of the show, they all came out into the crowd and played unplugged whilst standing atop one of the tables! It was a little crazy, but good, and this was the best picture I could get?! Wow, I am shamed.

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