Mike Doughty's Band - 4/11/08 @ TLA - Philly, PA

Another solid Mike Doughty show - his band is great, they have a ton of fun... I missed their "in disguise" set as the opening act (jamming & improving the entire time) due to inept police officers pulling me over and cursing at me (long story). I still got there in plenty of time to get a close spot and got some great pictures, some of my favorites in the ol' repertoire so far. I sent a bunch of these to Mike and he posted them (and my name in bold letters) in his blog! Check it out!

Great framing of Pete in the background with stick in the air, lovely expression on Mike's red-lighted face. Sweet shot.



Scrap, from the heavens. Awesome! Totally lucked out on that one.

Mike gives this look a lot, I find it strangely cocky and alluring at the same time.

Pete works hard (he played with the opening act, as well as the "in disguise" pre-opening act). Three sets!

I like off-kilter framing of things in corners.

This was another totally lucky incredible shot - Kirby on keys, reaches up to the sky just as I'm about to snap, and I didn't even know the person in front of me was doing the same. Wowsa.

This was their "turn around and pretend to go offstage but turn back around and play more songs" thing. Right on. Mike likes to make fun of the encore ritual.

Apparently, Kirby reaches up a lot.

More oB concert photography.

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