mike doughty's band - 10/21/05 @ Recher Theatre - Towson, MD

I met my pal (and ex!) Christina down in Towson, MD for a rock & roll show featuring Mike Doughty's Band. Right on. We met in Wilmington, DE for a fantastic concert by Live last summer, so it was my turn to go down her way (she lives outside of DC). This gig wasn't quite as fantastic as the Live show, but Mike was pretty good - and we were literally about 3 feet from the stage. Got some great pics. I sent them to Mike (he's got a blog) but he didn't post them, and my ego was crushed. I thought some of them were pretty good. Ya think? Took a bunch in infared due to low light and the fact that they just look good. And don't blur the lights as much as natural shots.

More oB concert photography.

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