Erin McKeown - 1/25/07 @ Tin Angel - Philly, PA

Unfortunately, none of these pictures are particularly great - but it was a really fun show, so I had to put them up. I met my co-working pal and fellow Erin fan Bridget downtown for this one, and it was bitterly cold outside. The last couple of times I saw Ms. McKeown were both at the TLA. Both were fine shows, but perhaps a little boring with a bigger room and a larger crowd that wasn't just *her* audience. This sold-out Tin Angel crowd was riled up and ready to rock from the get-go, and Erin was feeling it. Luckily, we got there early and were able to get good seats on the side (ALL of the tables up front were reserved).

A lot of my pictures were coming out blurry no matter what mode I set the camera on, and it's bumming me out. I can't quite figure it out. I dig Allison on the drums, singing back-up vox in the background, though.

Erin with the lean, Allison with the grin.

The TRiO in full effect. Who needs a bass player? That's "I don't remember who" on keys.

Shutter speed is normal on this one, so it looks brighter but a little blurrier.

Thus ends my three-part series on "Erin with furrowed brow".

I'm an equal-opportunity photograph-taker of all band members. Still don't remember his name. Interesting hair.

Speaking of interesting hair. And Allison is smiling again. She's kinda cute and one hell of a kick-ass drummer, too.

Too-close digital zoom.

Better, but not great.

Not quite sure what Erin's up to, but there goes Allison giggling again.

Rock star pose! Right on.

It's always fun when the chord you're playing also allows you to flip the bird to whatever audience member is pissing you off.

One of the better shots of the evening. Bright and smiley!

Speaking of smiley, this and the next two were taken in quick succession... there was a slight malfunction in the middle of a song when one of Erin's pedals wasn't turned off from the previous tune and it started making some thunder-like, awful noise. Erin thought it was the keyboard's problem and he was like "nuh-uh, dude!" and then they looked at each other and she just stopped the song altogether and then giggled her ass off when she figured out the problem. Here, she's all "what the hell?"

Now, she's like "oh shit! my bad!" Allison is losing it!

And then... "attempting to sing the song again but I can't because it's still really funny as all hell". She said later that's the most she's laughed on stage in a really long time.

That guitar is so ugly, and it's a GRETSCH, even. bleck!

Peace out, Ms. McKeown. Great show. Play a little longer next time.

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