Will Hoge - 11/15/07 @ World Cafe Live - Philadelphia, PA

Will Hoge & band @ World Cafe Live again, their home whilst in Philadelphia. I thought I might be able to get some good shots, as some of the pictures from my first series of Hoge photos at WCL were real gems. But no. I guess for whatever reason the lighting wasn't as good... the normal shots I took were all severely dark. So I switched to Night Shot and got some good action shots, but they're all monochrome. Dig 'em. Good show, too!

Will's got a nice beard workin'. Beards are so in right now.

Not sure if he was snapping his fingers or what; probably just some intense, emotive singing reflex.

Will actually taking a little solo, there.

Here's new band member #1 on the maracas - violinist (fiddler)/percussionist/backup vocalist Molly. I was honestly a little bummed when I heard a violin was joining the band full-time. Not a big fan of the squeaky high parts that sound a little too bluegrass-ish. But she was more "accent" than "obvious" and her vocal harmonies were much welcomed.

Rockin' on down to the ground.

Will on harmonica and new band member #2 on bass - Adam #2. Only missing from the band in this photo is...

Adam #1. Unfortunately this is the best shot of him, taken JUST as he was flipping his hair/head back wildly during a raging guitar solo. He's a blur.

Sigi on the drums.

New Adam on the bass.

Jefferson on keys, as always. Looking slightly Amish.

Molly on the fiddle.

Will up close, looking constipated.

The last song of the night, mostly a capella; this seems to be a Hoge tradition, for dramatic effect. It's always a good part of the show but it seems to be happening so often it's almost getting a little tired.

Will was in a pretty good mood - his little brother Josh was actually playing his own show in the upstairs room at the same venue. This show seemed a lot better than the last one I saw. I'm not thrilled with the new album, though. Let's hope he brings the rock next time around. But hell, even a subpar Will Hoge show is pretty damn good.

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