George Simon Stanford - 6/1/07 @ Tin Angel - Philly, PA

I still miss me some Townhall, something fierce. They had real energy. But George is still making good music, even if he did move to Hollywood, turn into a pretty boy and got signed to a major label. At least he's still coming back to Philly once in a while. Unfortunately, when he does - his whole entire family shows up at the show. I felt like I was crashing a family reunion. A pretty good show, though. Devin Greenwood opened (my first time seeing a real set of his) and he was very interesting. George even had a "band" - Nate from Townhall on bass and some redhead dude on drums. They were fairly tight, especially for this being their first real gig as a band.

OK, he's not a bad looking dude. He's a goofy-grinnin' mofo, though.

This one's a little trippy, but I like when he's straining to sing.

Now he's gettin' all serious.

Hey, there's the band - and George's patended snarl. Nate looks good without hair. And the dude on drums is having some strange happy daydreams or something.

Like I said.

Nate with the back-up vox. Rockin' it.

Nightshot mode, just 'cause.

I didn't even really know George played keys, at all. He never did with Townhall (at least at a gig). He wasn't bad! Played a few tunes on there.

He even broke out the 'bone. Back to his roots!

So we found out George is from Narberth. He said he was a "native Philadelphian" but his mom (sitting right near the stage) spoke up and said "no, you're not! I know, I was there!" hehehehe... then he had a fake, funny argument with her. "Mom, gosh!" ah, good stuff. Looking forward to his upcoming record.

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