Granian 12/12/2001 @ My House!


12/12/2001 In My House!

On December 12, 2001 - Granian played an acoustic concert in (what used to be) my house as part of their new Living Room Show series. It was an intimate affair, with just twice as many audience members as band members (6 vs. 3). The house wouldn't hold much more, and that was about everyone I could think of that was willing to come. We moved the furniture around, set up some chairs and put out M&M's and chips & salsa and were ready to roll. The band was a couple hours late, but once they arrived the rock began!

The following photos were taken by me (the smaller ones) and the merch-money-video-guy, whose name I can't remember. Sorry, dude.

Here's a backstage shot with Nate, Garen and Graycon - Dave, Sheri and Marina's legs listen on the couch.

I am apparently amused at Garen, who is acting normally, while Graycon does his best Joey from Blossom.

Graycon and Garen face-off in a percussive showdown.


Graycon jams, Garen goofs and Nate The Fox watches in awe.

Graycon caught me looking. Pay attention to your drums, pal!

Full-on Granian groove.

Me and the boys posing.

The picture we were posing for.

Unfortunately, John and Sarah had to leave before the end of the show (they woulda been good if the band was on time!) and missed out on the group photo, but here's Sheri, Garen and I in the top row, with Dave, Nate, Marina and Graycon.

The same exact pose, different photo (on my camera).

They started with All In The Face as a warmup, and then I pretty much got to write (most of) the rest of the setlist. The complete set was :

All In The Face
Not Just Yet
Over Now
Whole Again
Only The Good Die Young
Tear Into
Beautiful Sin
Hang Around
High Or Low
Three Little Birds
My Voice

I got the whole thing on video if you want a copy!

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