fiona apple - 12/9/05 @ tower theater - upper darby, PA

I attended two Fiona Apple shows at the Tower on December 8 & 9, 2005. I had fantastic seats for both shows (both singles). I was 11th row but kinda way stage left the first night, and 8th row center for night #2. The shows were fantastic; she's a very intense performer. However, the setlist for both nights (and her entire tour) were exactly the same, song-for-song. Lots of the ones she did do were faves of mine, though.

I took my camera in for the 2nd show only, because I knew after the first that they weren't patting people down. It's the first "big" concert I'd ever considered sneaking it into. It ain't cheap and I don't want anyone trying to mess with it if I get busted. Anyway... I figured I could stealth some decent shots in the 8th row with my zoom. I got some shots, but they all kinda suck. Still, interesting somewhat to see. I also got complete audio of "Get Him Back" and "Criminal" but that's another story.

?uestlove (Ahmir) from The Roots showed up to play on a couple songs (that's him with the afro on the kit) and that was really cool. He livened the show up a bit. He's from Philly and he played on a couple tunes on Fiona's new record. Right on.

These last 4 shots were all taken during the song "Extraordinary Machine" with David Garza on guitar (opening act) and Mike Elizondo on bass (Fiona's bassist and producer of her last record).

Get Him Back
Better Version of Me
To Your Love
I Know
Sleep to Dream
Paper Bag
Tymps (Used To Love Him)
Oh Well
On The Bound
Red, Red, Red
Not About Love
Get Gone
Fast As You Can
Extraordinary Machine
Parting Gift

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