Matt Duke - 2/24/07 @ Burlap & Bean - Newtown Square, PA

Matt Duke is still the man. I saw he was doing a gig in Newtown Square, which is just a short jaunt down Route 3 from my house. Sweet. And, it was at a brand new coffeehouse that just opened this fall. This place also does open mics on Fridays, so I wanted to see if maybe it might be a good spot for a gig, too. I got there super early to make sure I got a seat, which was great because I was by myself and there were limited chairs available. Matt happened to be hanging out at a table near where I grabbed a bar stool in the back. He's always hanging out in the venue before he plays, which is weird to me since most performers I go see are in the back somewhere before they come out. He's always just shooting the bull with whomever out in the open. Right on, Matt.

Unfortunately, being near the back didn't go well with my camera, but I got some decent shots despite some heads being in the way. He's such an intense, impassioned singer that it's easy to get great expressions on film. He just busted right into it.

The buzzcut wasn't really doing it for me, but that's ok.

He got a new guitar, too. It's a Taylor!

Grainy, yet rocking.

Working up a sweat.

Wail, brother.

This was about the time he mentioned he was going to take a set break. Two sets?! Who does that anymore? Matt Duke does! So he asked for requests for one more song before the break... nobody really said anything so I yelled "The Minder"! and he played it. Thanks, dude.

The glasses come off! He looks a little psychotic, but that's ok.

I was having trouble getting good shots so I tried a Night Shot to get something sharper. Too bright. Ah well.

That one looks almost downright endearing. Well, he did say "I don't write happy songs".

Looks like his ear's on fire, here.

Did someone say "pyschotic?"

Yes. Yes, I did. Rock it out, Matty!

Blurry, grainy closeup of the guitar. Still a Taylor!

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