Matt Duke - 11/18/06 @ Milkboy Coffee - Ardmore, PA

Matt Duke is the man. I discovered him, of all places, at the Dogwood Festival in Phoenixville back in May. I barely remember much from that short performance other than he beat the crap out of his guitar and sang with utter abandon. I heard a few songs online and finally got to a proper gig of his at Milkboy. He did not disappoint. In fact, a couple of songs into his set, he snapped the neck off his guitar accidentally. It wasn't a clean break, thus unrepairable, so he laid it down on the ground and proceeded to stomp the crap out of it, repeatedly. Later, he handed out pieces of it to anyone who wanted one. Sadly, I did not get a picture of any of the festivities. Rock and Roll, baby.

The light was kinda low for the show, so I didn't take that many pictures in natural light. Here's one of the better ones. Matt really gets into whatever he's doing and his intensity is very engaging. That's his drummer down there in the corner.

Used "nightshot" mode for many photos. What they lack in color, they capture in detail and clarity.

The camera won't allow you to change the shutter speed in nightshot mode, but luckily it's a pretty good setting for taking pictures of things in motion.

And Matt Duke is really in motion when he's singing.

There's the band.

Bass player close-up. Forget his name, but he's got chops.

Fuck yeah, Matt. FUCK YEAH!

Rock it out, man.

When he's not wailing, Matt has a really soft, soothing kind of sweet voice - and he plays that role great, too. Endearing, almost.

Pretty much the same as above, only greener and sharper.

I love bass player facial expressions.

Sweaty close-up. I kept sending him mental vibes about wearing a shirt that actually fits him. A man that skinny should not be showing off his upper arms.

This was the very end of the show, I think he was just apologizing that he didn't get to play a longer set (another show was starting in about a half hour). The highlight of the whole show was Matt's original Christmas tune called Less Egg, More Nog (It's a Deadbeat Christmas). It was sad, angry, bitter and fantastic. Best holiday tune I ever heard. Merry Fuckin' Christmas, everyone.

Hoots & Hellmouth opened the show; I'd heard their name, never seen them play. They were a little odd, but pretty good.

Andrew Lipke played second; solid voice, good songs. They both are also signed to the same label as Matt Duke - MAD Dragon Records, the student-run label at Drexel University. I will buy both of their new records that come out early 2007.

More oB concert photography.

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