Matt Duke - 3/15/08 @ North Star - Philadelphia, PA

Matt Duke, full band, North Star. Interesting combination... definitely an interesting show. First, he was an opening act (actually, 2nd of three) so it wasn't really *his* crowd and he didn't play for a terribly long time. Plus, the North Star crowd can be horribly chatty, even for the headliner. Matt found this out rather quickly, when he started out playing a song solo (Ash Like Snow), which is a softer tune, but then quickly got out of that and went into something a little louder - and shortly thereafter brought out the band to crank it up even higher. He seemed greatly annoyed with the crowd noise or their lack of paying attention and kinda sorta slammed down his guitar when he was finished, and that was that. He gets even more intense when he's pissed, though, so the short set he did play was pretty incredible. He roared through "Atrophy" and played a couple of other new tunes from his upcoming record that I heard for the first time, including the great "Sex And Reruns". I didn't get a lot of great shots; it was really dark. Here's the best of the lot, mostly from "nightshot" mode.

Soundchecking, actually.

Give the drummer some!

I think he lost the hat during the first tune.


The Band.

The Bass Player.

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