Domestic Problems 5/17/98

Domestic Problems

5/17/98 - East Lansing Art Festival

dP in the house. Pat Westgate turned me on to dP back in the spring of '97 and I've been fortunate to see them two more times since... They jam! They're a whole lotta fun and I highly recommend ya check 'em out. Peruse their website at if you so desire.

I went up to to East Lansing to catch dP and Jendy "jb!" Barnes lent me her camera with the superzoom to snap some snazzy fo-toes. So I did. I nearly died of severe sunburn, but it was all worth it. Here are some pictures, and the rest of my little review...

Andy was *extremely* happy to be back in their home state, as they've been ALL over the States touring as of late. They even pulled out 3 new songs they've been working on out on the road. They're all slammin'. And ya gotta love a horn section who choreographs.


James Francis
24 Hours
It's Alright
I Think It's Funny
Livin' In A Dream
Where Have You Gone
Summer In The Sandbox
Hob Nob
I'm A Line

So go see dP when they come near ya! You won't be disappointed!

Peace - Chris
Long live the Banana Song.

More oB concert photography.

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