Ben Kenney - 6/7/13 @ The Note - West Chester, PA

Ben. Fucking. Kenney. I had just caught on to him right as he was doing his last tour, which seems like forever ago. 2008, I think. He didn't even play Philly on that last tour (whenever it was) and I remember being ridiculously disappointed. So color me GIDDY when he announced this gig in West Chester. I convinced my girl Melissa to go and we were right the fuck up front, and I had the honor and privilege of speaking to him briefly after the show. I didn't know he was such a hipster with the skinny jeans and popped collar! Ha! His gear was TOP notch (that's Incubus money, baby) and his band was tight. His songs and grooves and DIY music-making really speak to me. Pictures are kinda dark (The Note's usual) but I love some of them. Great fucking show. I hope there's another one earlier than 5 years from now.

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