Back Door Slam - 7/20/08 @ World Cafe Live (downstairs) - Philly, PA

I don't even recall exactly how I heard of Back Door Slam - I think it may have simply been due to a concert listing on World Cafe Live's website, talking about "guitar phenom" Davy Knowles and how they played rockin' blues. I love me some rockin' blues (and guitar phenoms - Kenny Wayne Shepherd, anyone?) so I checked them out on MySpace right away and immediately loved their song Come Home, which is a jammin' tune. I pretty much bought their CD on the strength of that song and the rest of it turned out to be pretty strong, too. He's a pretty damn good soulful singer. And he freakin' wails on the 6-string. I ended up JUST missing a Philly gig of theirs, but XPN went pretty bat-shit over them, too, and had them as their Artist of the Month or something, and has had them play at WCL (or at their XPoNential Fest) probably 4 times in the past year and I finally was able to go and got tickets for this one and they did not dissapoint. I wasn't super early but I weasled my way up and pretty close to Davy's mic. The drums were way too low in the mix and the guitar was probably a bit high, and he solo's maybe just a smidge too much, but good LORD can he play! And his voice is even stronger on stage. They roared through most of their album tunes, played 3 or 4 brand new ones that were all great, and also threw in a few heavy covers. I was blown away by their modesty - he was sheepishly grinning every time the crowd was showering them with massive applause, which happened after every song and solo. He mentioned they were recording the show that night, and then the crowd might have gotten even a bit louder, but it was already pretty raucous. They weren't cocky or showy or trying to prove anything. Just really damn good. Go see them play NOW if you have the chance.

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