Fort Wayne, IN : June 2006 - Steph's Shower & @ The Zoo

We hit up The Fort (back home again in Indiana) for a very brief couple of days in June of 2006. My mom wanted to throw Steph a pseudo-shower before the wedding, mostly just to hang out with some of the other female family members and do girly stuff. We also spent some time at the Zoo for the first time in a long time (for me; Steph had never been). And fed the fish!

Tristan was obsessed with feeding the fish in the pond behind my parents' house the last time we were there. He gets a bowl of cheerios and runs out to the water and is completely mesmirized. Here, he has to hold on to Dad to make sure he doesn't faceplant into the water while he tries to retrieve a wayward cheerio that got stuck in the weeds.

Wind up!

This might be a trite hard to see, but it's a fish totally taking hold of a cheerio and about to take off. Lucky shot.

Praire dog at the zoo!

Last time I saw Gorgon the dragon, she was about 1/8th that size. Goodness gracious. Nice tongue.

I still carry a picture of Gus the siamang in my wallet from my Ft. Wayne zoo days... he was always my favorite ape. He and his wife Penny had a baby earlier this year, but for some reason after a few days of raising it fine, Penny abruptly abandonded the kid. She began to get aggressive towards it, so they removed the baby (and eventually Penny) from the group, put the kid back in with Gus and he's been a model father. Very playful and protective. (I still read the FWCZ newsletter and my mom sends me all the newspaper articles). Siamang babies are fucking adorable and this one is no exception. His name is Tucker. I could have stayed there all day.

I've always marveled at the zoo's walkthrough kangaroo exhibit, especially with a mob this huge. They're pretty laid back. Literally.

Neon jellyfish. They kinda freak me out.

Lovely, lovely, lovely.

The trick to getting good pictures of Tristan is to take them before he thinks they're happening, or when he's not looking at all. I took another one right after this where he's doing his patented fake smile, and it's just not anywhere near as cute.

During the actual shower, Dad, Tristan and I went out to IHOP and got mad pancakes. My mom made Steph take pictures with every single person at the shower, and we returned just in time for our own. I am sleepy. But we look good.

Soccer attack! I stole that ball from Bucknell. And I look way too serious. But nobody scores on me.

We had just barely enough time to go visit with my sister and my nieces and nephews. I forgot my camera, but luckily Lisa took some good ones. Katie had just acquired some golf clubs, so they let everybody take some swings. Tristan was very persistent, if perhaps lacking in technique.

Long story. My sister had a pet racoon that she "saved" - for a couple months - before the Wildlife Officer took her away, oh no! This is my sister's sister's son, no relation to me, who is EXACTLY the same age as Tristan. Crazy. I think he now has rabies. Not really. I did not touch the raccoon. They named her Constance, by the way. Just thought I'd tell you for comedic effect. My brother-in-law is a "coon hunter" and they had a pet raccoon! Oh, the irony!

Here's a big family photo! Jammie, Katie, Tristan, Dustin, me, Steph, Kelsey, Lisa, Krystal (L-R). Awww yeah. Thanks for the pics, sis.