The Fire

Thursday, March 29 - 2001

My apartment building burned down to the ground in March 2001. Here is more info about what happened. I randomly came upon some new (to me) pictures of the fire while looking up the phone number to the old apartment complex for a credit check (ironically for a mortgage) in December 2005. They were located on a website of the Limerick, PA Fire Rescue - so here they are, courtesy of

This is the best look that I've seen to date at where my apartment was located in relation to the fire. It's the 3rd balcony on the top floor from the left. That bright orange flame above there is probably from my kitchen area.

This is the other building that was destroyed, building S. The top of building R is sticking out to the right. (S "tee's" into R)

For several minutes, I thought it was very likely this was my living room. My couch (which was purchased new about 6 months earlier) was placed in my living room at a very similar location and angle. I thought for sure that might be it; then I remembered that I lived on the top floor, which this is not.

Not sure why these guys appear to be smiling...


Here are some pictures I took a couple weeks after the fire. The first four are taken from the viewpoint of standing right in front of where my apartment once stood (sweeping from right to left). Keep in mind I lived on the third floor, and all you see is what is left on the ground. The fifth is then a composite of all the previous four, in small scale. Spooky. The sixth photo is of the entrance way I would use most often to get into my place, and where I would park in front of. Photo # 7 is what was left of the S Building, the one adjacent to mine. And the last two pictures are just random piles of rubble on the corner of building R from two vantage points. News photos from local TV and newspapers follow mine.