I was distracted by a lone car in the middle of a large zoo parking lot (what's he doing in there?) on my way to work one morning in November of '09 and bumped into the car in front of me hard enough to cause some damage to his trunk and even less to my hood. This was my first real accident that involved police and an accident report. Embarassing, yes, and even moreso that I was literally 2 blocks from being parked at work. I decided not to get my car fixed since it was minimal, aesthetic damage; just thought I'd document to show how it looks. Don't be stupid and this won't happen to you:

The lip of the hood is slightly bent up and the grill has been pushed in a bit. I could probably pop out the part of the grill that got pinched but haven't tried as of yet.

The headlight was perfectly fine but there is a little silver piece of plastic that got knocked out of the corner spot (compare to the normal one in the photo below). That piece in part helps keep the lights shining on the road together and in the same spot, so that one light was then pointing excessively downward; you can see the McGyver-job I did to prop it up (using electrical tape and a piece of foam padding from an old bicycle helmet of Tristan's). Frankly, I was pretty proud of myself that I did that without any monetary or mechanical assistance!

Reference (normal headlight).

A better shot of the bending-in of the grill and another angle of the lip of the hood, which kinda looks to me as if the car is trying to talk. Also, go Boilers!

The all-inclusive 3rd angle, aka the blimp shot.