Es la Familia de OB :-)

And yes, our family tree forks...

The people who brought me into this world, and who still swear they can take me out. Pops (aka "Reggie"), Moms ("The Mother") and Me. Taken during the hooplah that was my Grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary, circa '95. Nice pose, eh? Let's just say it wasn't our idea.

And here's a completely too large (sorry), yet amazingly hilarious picture of the power trio. This was at some amusement park, and I think it was in Canada during our Great White North tour. I have no idea on the year... late 80's. I was probably 14 or so.

This is a killer shot of my mom on the beach in Mexico, February '02. Taken by some random citizen because Pops was out jogging or something.

Here's a wicked pic of me and Pops in front of The Cave, December 2002. Photo by the mother, taken during the parental visit to Philly.

Here's a super-cute shot of Tristan with my dad during our visit in July 2005. I took this through a window.

Wow, these are OLD SCHOOL. I was barely a year old, and this is the whole fam. Daaaaaamn.

This is me and my big bro Jeff, celebrating my high school graduation, '92. I still had too much hair and braces, and he still was BUILT like a truck. Mess with me and he may show up on your porch.

Jeff again, with his lovely girlfriend Cindy, in Chicago. Great shot. I don't know who took it, but it's nice. Summer '04

Here's my folks and the 2 bro's at Jeff's wedding to his ex, Jo (10/25/98) - and notice how short my brother really is. This photo is simply proof that I actually wore a suit in 1998.

Steph & Jeff & Tristan on our porch, April 2006 when Jeff was in town on business. Nice of him to stop by!

My big sisses! Lisa, Heather (RIP) and her hubby John in the back, kids Heidi and Tayla (H), Dustin and Krystal (L) and Mizue, everybody's favorite exchange student/island girl (l-r) in the front. They hail from various parts of Northwest Ohio. Lisa is now married to Jammie, who has three cool kids of his own.

My sister Heather passed away in October 2002 after a long bout of fighting off complications from a blood marrow transplant she needed to combat a rare blood disease that I can't pronounce or spell. She was only 35, with two daughters:

That's Tayla on the left and Heidi on the right (sitting on her dad John), taken Thanksgiving 2004 in Lisa's house.

Here's an old pic of Heidi and Tayla together. Ain't they purty!? Probably circa 2000.

These two pics were taken in April 2003 in Gettysburg, PA on the battlefield... Lisa and Tayla were there for a school trip. The top photo is me, Tayla, Lisa. The bottom was taken by Lisa, and we're standing in front of a state memorial (I wish I remembered which). That was a dreary day, but a severely cool trip.

Here's Kelsey, Katie (Jammie's daughters) & Dustin sitting on their couch (Thanksgiving 2004 again).

Here's a weird picture of Krystal in infared. But she's weird in natural light. Kidding! Turkey Day '04.

Click on this picture to get it full size (it's kinda big) and see the detail my camera accidentally caught when I was trying to take a picture of Lisa's dog. Nice tongue-flickin' action. One in a million shot!

All of my siblings are from my father's first marriage to another woman (thus making them all half-sibs). I am my mother's only child. I think.

Cousin Jeni and Tristan watch as Nic and I rock the house. Well, rock the Aunt Becky's house. July '05.

My cousin Megan gives Tristan a twirl while Nic and I were jamming.

Here's a cool shot of me and two of my cool Curry cousinz, Tim and Stacy Held. Christmas '99, I think.

The Original 5, also known as the first 5 Curry grandchildren, all born within 6 years in the early 1970's. We're tight. This was the first time in a few years we were all in the same place at the same time, in Michigan for Mike's wedding on 8/2/03.

Here's a killer shot of the Curry clan doing what they do best. Playing dominoes. L-R : Grandma, Grandpa, my dad, cousin Lindsay, Aunt Penny, Aunt Becky, Uncle Lyle. Easter 2004. We are all very caucasian.

(Left) Grandma and Grandpa Curry (Mom's side). Dorothy & Donald. Grandma makes a mean chicken sandwhich - I'm sayin', like you wouldn't BELIEVE. Grandpa's still got the farm in Edon, OH. Long live the big red barn. This is from the 50th wedding anniversary - summer 1995.

(Right) Grandma Oberlin, Big Poppa's mama. Doris. She can bowl you outta the rec-center lanes, so watch out. And she can bake a red cake with one hand. She hails from the city of my birth. My late Grandpa Clyde passed away when I was 9, and his father was my middle-name namesake. Here he is with Grandma, circa 1969.

Here are the Curry ancestors at the *60TH* wedding anniversary in July, 2005.

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