Dave & Tim 2/7/99

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds

2/7/99 @ Weis Center (Bucknell University) - Lewisburg, PA


Best of What's Around
Say Goodbye
Lie In Our Graves
Stay (Wasting Time)
Typical Situation
The Stone (Can't Help Falling In Love)
Two Step
New "Thingy" (aka "Reconcile...") ->
Don't Drink The Water (This Land Is Your Land)
Tim Solo (?)
Lil' Jam - "Thingy G" (same as 2/3)
Jimi Thing (You Shook Me)->
(What Will Become of Me?, Pantala Naga Pampa)
#41 Crash Into Me
Proudest Monkey
Too Much
Stream (Tim)
I'll Back You Up
Dancing Nancies
"If I Were Crazy" intro ->
Pay For What You Get (Message in a Bottle, Norwegian Wood)
The Maker
If I Had A Boat


Wow. Hey, I actually sorta sent in a review to nancies for the first time in 2 years... check it.

notes: Stay was done lightning quick... seemed like double time or something. Dave says afterward "we can take liberties" with a grin. The new "thingy" is the same music as "Reconcile our Differences" but the lyrics and theme are completely different and he does not mention those words at all. They were more introspective this time...talking about "cells coming together collectively so that he may think..." singing "what am I...? " repeatedly...

that "lil jam" was the same as on 2/3, he sings some stuff but you can't tell what the fuck he's saying. sounds like "jungle love" but more like... "jaboo lah...." in a real throaty voice. it's only about 2 minutes long. some chords and then some single notes in between. hmm.

In the middle of Jimi, coming out of a tim solo - before the part where dave sings falsetto "lately I..... been feeling low..." - Dave shot a look at Tim, stopped playing and starting singing " woman... you shooook me alllll niiiiight looong..." a couple times. then went back into the song.

Crash had NO dixie chicken outro, Too Much had no outros, both contrary to 2/3...

For the encore, dave came out and said "Tim told me this was the quietest crowd he can remember since we've been playing together... " They were AMAZINGLY quiet and considerate.

Before PFWYG, dave played some music I have never heard before and was singing some stuff like "crazy.... if I were crazy... if I were crazy..." and then stopped and went right into PFWYG - which had in the middle, a little Police ("sending out an SOS.... sending out an SOS...") and Norwegian Wood. Then the 3 covers ended the show. The crowd was unreal. I am actually proud to be a Bucknellian for perhaps the first time...

I had no idea how the crowd was going to be here... at Penn State it didn't look promising at first, but it ended up pretty calm. Our show was on a Sunday, and though it IS a weekend day, I wasn't sure if they would stay off the booze or what. It turned out to be the most chilled, amazingly quiet and polite, courteous audience I have ever seen. I was in awe. There were times (more than a couple) when Dave would not even be talking, just sitting there tuning his guitar - and no one would say a word. For like 30 seconds. It was unreal. Dave seemed almost in shock, cuz he would tune - and look up to silence.. and be like... what's wrong with you people? You're not telling me I'm hot or you love me or yelling for Watchtower?

Dave came out with a cough-drop thingy and was suckin on it, and said "well I better spit this thing out before I start trying to sing..." and then he looked around and spit it out on the floor back toward the end of the stage! haha! Then later on, when he came back out from one of Tim's solos, he went looking for it... with Tim's help, and he found it and put it back on the table!! lol!

Tim had his glasses on when he started, but took them off after the first song - then put them back on a few tunes later and when he did - he looked up at the ceiling at this big wire-structure that helps hold the lights up or something, and it looks like a big spider web. Tim said somethign to Dave so they both sat there looking up at the ceiling for like a good 20-30 seconds. hahaha... and Dave said something about "there ain't no spiders *that* big..." haha!

There was this candle on their lil table, and it was fAKE! It had one of those little flicker lightbulbs where the flame should be. They were playing with that thing all night. Tim held his hand over the "flame" and Dave went nuts, like " you're superhuman!" and then put his hand over it and pretended like it was hot as hell! haha... he's such a freak. ;-p

After the show, Monk threw the setlist toward the edge of the stage... and only after I said "hey Monk, can I have the setlist...?" as he started to crumple it up in his hand - and then I said "aww, come on" and he threw it toward me, but the guy in front of me got it. doh. ;-p

GREAT FUCKING Show, live from the second row...

Peace - Chris

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