Dave & Tim 1/14/97

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds

1/14/97 @ Elliott Hall of Music (Purdue), West Lafayette, IN


Jimi Thing (What Will Become of Me)
So Much To Say
Typical Situation
Lie In Our Graves
Crash into Me
Little Thing
Jam #1
Pay For What You Get
Dancing Nancies
Proudest Monkey
Jam #2
Let You Down
Stream (Tim)
Say Goodbye
Too Much
I'll Back You Up
Two Step
Ants Marching
Tripping Billies

My post to Nancies about the show:
I spent 16 hours the last three days driving in an itty bitty piece of weightless crap called a car that I own. Not real good for when Mother Nature takes a dump on the midwest. and better yet, the car has no functional radio. Thankfully, I had the Agents 6/3/96 show in my headphones (yeah its not safe and probably illegal, blah blah...) to help keep me from going into the ditch like I saw about 12 other cars in on the way to and from Purdue (twice I might add). Incidentally, the last leg of the "Indiana tour" I took was supposed to be a 3 hour drive. Wrong. Try about 5 and a half.

First off. I taped the show, on my camcorder. For SOUND, no video (I dont have the cojones to try and risk that.) and it turned out kinda cool. Not bad for having a mono-sound recorder sitting in my lap. anyway... I'll also transribe the entire neuticles story and also post the somewhat amusing article about the show that was in the Purdue newspaper the following day. It had a cool picture... Hope I don't get nabbed for being to "noisy" on the ole' list here...;)

so here goes. The crowd was much better than IU last year. They actually let D & T FINISH most of the songs before they cheered. That was great. The setlist was written down, but you could tell they weren't following it strictly.

Third row seats simply are fuckin cool. I knew two girls who were ushering the show, but alas, they had no clout. (i.e. backstage...) Some highlights that haven't been mentioned (I think), as I listen to the tape, in order:
The first words out of Dave's mouth were to tell the crowd to sit and chill. What a good idea.

Davespeak: Did somebody fart? That's the bad thing about going to a show or getting in an elevator, if there's people like me in there, they're BOUND TO BUST WIND. (emphasis added by Dave)

There were more "I Love You Dave!"'s by males than females. I yelled out "I Love You Tim!" after 41 and I think Dave thought I meant him, cuz he gestured in my direction. I also yelled for #40 once or twice but he didn't hear me. All through the show, Tim kept manually messing with his pedals... with his hands, bent over, sometimes while still playing...me thinks he was having technical difficulties...

Dave says his favorite movie is between Pet Detective/Ace Ventura & Nutty Professor. He mentioned Eddie Murphy and imitated Jim Carrey separately in later moments...

Dave actually acknowledged me when I said Happy Birthday to him... that was kind of a cool personal moment... :) He said his mom told him 30 was a good year. When Dave mentioned Charlottesville, people cheered. When he mentioned Miller's, more people cheered. Nice. He heard someone in the crowd say "Wacky" or at least he thought he did. Then Dave quoted Mr. Anderson from the Beavis and Butthead movie, "them boys been whackin' in muh tool shed..." That was damn funny to hear that.

Neuticles. I about had an involuntary bodily function. Hillarious.

Dave mentions being 30, that he can't even cross his "own Goddamn legs"... so he says, "well I didnt want to cross my legs!"

Granny: when they first started it, I was checking the battery on the camcorder. Then I looked up and realized what I was hearing. I said.
O h . S h i t .
First time live. Wow. Then Little Thing? Damn. You coulda smacked me and I wouldn't have felt it. Great great stuff. Somebody yelled for Billies about 20 seconds into the song...heh. Even more yells while they play the opening chords... Afterwards is when Dave made the "I couldnt hear you cuz I was singin'" comment. You tell em bro!

Then the first little Jam. I dont think it was entirely improv. It had structure. Whether they planned on playing it then, who knows. But Dave started it off and kept the same pattern, while Tim funked it up in the middle of Dave's riffs. Way too funky. I said after it was over, amid dead silence "What was that?" No response.

PFWYG: Wow. A real ska-reggae type groove that Tim put in there was bad as hell. I hadnt heard this yet, so I was loving it... Probably my favorite album song of the night. Those last 4 songs in a row really were the epitome of the show for me. Extremely beautiful, something old & something new and some incredible stuff.

Nancies: ...lost somewhere in Lafayette in the cold.... ha! Dave, you were in West Lafayette. Ok, so who's nit picking? ;)

Dave speak: "If I ever get to meet Jim Carrey, I'd go reheheheheeelllly..."

I intensely watched Dave's fingers during Satellite and MY hand began to hurt. Damn impressive. I yelled for Deed is Done, and a second later Dave played the first bar of it... oh, so close! Let You Down was great. Its a good song. Really. No, I'm not kidding. ;) I love the guitar from that. Stream. Oh my. Tim Reynolds is the most amazing guitar player I've ever seen play in my life. I now know that since I got to see him up close, as opposed to last year. Bow down.

Ain't it funny when people yell for songs, then when Dave starts playing it, they don't know what it is, and a minute later, they finally realize it wast the song they yelled for, and they go nuts? Cracks me up...

The Say Goodbye lyrics were fairly standard album stuff, until the last verse or so, then he did a lot of twisting and creating... Too Much - didn't expect it, but it was groovin' and the Bowie outros were damn cool. Definitely a whole different song acoustic.

Davespeak: ...cuz I smoke too much! Cigarettes are like the stupidest thing you can do in the world, but there are other things you can smoke that are quite clever ... that have heeeeeallling qualities...

Two Step: it was very clearly, "Hey - My - Love" every time. Not one Helena. Fantastic rendition of a great tune, though. After Ants Dave said that normally would be the last song... funny they did Billies after Ants on both 1/14 and 1/15, though. Warehouse: the jam at the beginning had me guessing as to what the hell it was... Man was he wailing...I thought it was a new song...but then Dave went into it... it was a long and jammin'. Dave did a few "that's my blood down there.."'s before doing the album-finish. One song encore though? After between 2 and 5 or so last year? Bummer...
Total show time- right around 2:45.

After the show I talked to Monk, dave's guitar tech. I know his sister Liz, and I gave him a message for her cuz I lost contact with her. (she's the friend I know who works for RCA - well he informed me she doesn't anymore...) I kinda freaked him out that I knew his name, but he was nice enough to come over to me and listen to me. Nice guy.

Peace - Chris ~ oberlin@bucknell.edu

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