Domestic Problems 5/28/99

Domestic Problems

5/28/99 @ Blind Pig, Ann Arbor MI

As posted on the dP mailing list...

Setlist :

Summer in the Sandbox
Bastard Machine
It's Alright
James Francis
Where Have You Gone*
In Good Time
Hob Nob **
I Think It's Funny
Ernie's Tragic Love Triangle
I'm a Line
El Matador (Ghostbusters, America, The Heat Is On)

* with lead vocalist and bassist of Hello Dave doing backup vocals
** with Mike (guitarist) from Hello Dave on guitar

Wowsa... well, first of all - Hello Dave opened, and they had some nice tunes. dP notes : Jamie played keys on 1 or 2 songs, and Job played sax on one song, and Billy and Job both played on another song as well.

dP opened with Sandbox and the energy level never faltered... this was by far the best dP show I've seen, (out of only a handful). I admit, I was a little apprehensive about the addition of the keys. Nothing against Jamie at all, I'd never heard him play - but it's just my thing that I usually don't like the sound of keys (mostly if they are used with an "organ" sound...) - I think it deters from the organic feel of a band. But I definitely went into the show with an open mind. And I was completely won over. Jamie adds some really nice textures on tunes like Marry, El Matador and Ernie's... plus his solo/jam at the end of It's Alright was beyond kickass. And to my delight, he uses the most natural "piano" sound for most of the tunes. ;-) He is one hell of a player. I was very impressed with his jamability. It's amazing to me how tight they can be and he's only been playing with them for a short while. This upcoming CD should be phenomenal.

Hob Nob was interesting as usual... here's how it went down (as best as memory serves) :

main part of song
end jam [exit Andy stage left]
Jamie solo
[enter Mike from Hello Dave]
[exit Jamie stage left]
Mike guitar solo
[enter Andy]
scat vocal jam
[enter Jamie]
finish jam/song

The crowd was great, lots of energy and mucho vocal participation. All night.

I heard In Good Time for the first time, and it was definitely nice... I don't remember much now, except that the end is very cool. Andy mentioned their upcoming much anticipated tour break ("my mind is like scrambled eggs!") and next studio adventure several times, noting a bunch of the songs that were destined for the new CD. There were also a couple guys there that were taping, apparently (I couldn't spot them across the crowd), because Andy talked about them at the very end of the show... and said to the crowd, "if you want a tape, talk to them!" and was more than happy about letting people know there are tapes out there... I was delighted to hear he was so enthused about it. He also said if you had a tape to let HIM know because he wants copies, too! Hopefully copies of this show make it out.

During Hello Dave's set, my friend went to the bathroom and I noticed a guy on the other side of him... and it was Chris, so I introduced myself and asked how he was feeling and that I'd heard he was hurt. He was genuinely surpised that I had known about it and asked where I found out, I said... "the dP discussion list, baby!" Well, not exactly... heh, but he thanked me and said he was feeling better, and something about his hip joint being outta wack. He was drumming fiercely all night, I would never have guessed he wasn't 100% (if, in fact, he actually wasn't). I also asked Chris to plug the Banana Song for the setlist and he smiled and said "I don't know, I'll ask Andy." :-) Ah well... next time.

from the Blind (and now partially deaf) Pig,
peace... Chris
Long live the Banana Song.

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