Domestic Problems 1/9/98

Domestic Problems

1/9/98 @ Rick's, East Lansing MI

Great show at Rick's in E. Lansing on a Friday night. I think I have the whole setlist, although except for the opener and the encore, it is in *no particular order*:

Listen for the BJ
Simple Guy
I'm a Line
Summer in the Sandbox
Mustang Sally
Hob Nob (It Takes Two - w/Uncle Booby singer)
24 Hours
James Francis
I Think Its Funny
"Dumb" Bastard Machine
El Matador (Hit Me w/Your Best Shot, Ghostbusters, They Dont Rock Like That Anymore [correct title?])

Ernie's Tragic Love Triangle
I'm a Believer

Uncle Booby opened and they were pretty good, including covers of Van Halen's "Panama" and the Juicy Fruit commercial jingle. That was interesting. dP finally came on and after what I thought was a not-so-exciting opening number, the show really took off. Bastard Machine was hot, Hob Nob was nutz, and the singer from UB came up and did Rob Base's It Takes Two w/Andy... hillarious. Matador was the jam. Pretty good size crowd, too. Great show, once again.

...that was my post to the dP mailing list...

For this show, I drove up to E. Lansing and met up with Jendy Barnes, (e:) afficianado and IRC compatriot. We had actually never met before, but had been in contact over the DMB list, email, IRC, etc... and we get along pretty well. So... I kept on bugging her to go see dP and they were playing right by her house, so I went up to visit!

We got there a little early, but still the place was mad packed - and we luckily got a booth in a decent location. I saw Chris (drummer) walking around before the show, and then finally Uncle Booby came out. I had never heard of them at all, and they were a little amusing to watch. Although, their covers of Panama and that juicy fruit jingle were quite interesting. I don't really remember their originals. ;-)
dP finally came on to a rousing crowd and kicked it off with Listen to the BJ, and it actually wasn't all that impressive. I think they still needed to warm up a little. And that they did, as basically the rest of the show proved to be full of kick-ass jams. It was my only second time ever seeing them, and I actually knew most of the songs this time, and I had a blast following along as best I could. Jendy didn't seem to mind me drumming on the table or my feeble attempts to sing along, so she gets an A for the day. The crowd up front also seemed to be really into it, so that was good to see. Highlights were the It Takes Two rap during Hob Nob, a wicked Bastard Machine in which Andy took the time to really knock his piece of crap, thus turning it into a Dumb Bastard Machine. Mustang Sally and I'm A Believer were well done... El Matador brought the house down. Rock on, dP, rock on.

Peace - Chris ~
Long live the Banana Song.

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