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Various Mix Tapes

Format - Date: # tapes length. SOURCE/generation (quality) Venue, City State - Description...

Granny Basement Tape: 90 Min. SBD-AUD/3 (A-B) Various 1991-92; Recorded at Trax, in the Studio (mostly) and in David's Basement....tapes found by David's Cousin! Incredible early versions of some DMB songs. A few solo, most are early tries with the band. Recently, Two Step, People People, Mother Night - solo (only known recording), Warehouse, I'll Back You Up (with Carter and Roi), more...

Super Old School Mix: 45 min. SBD/4 (A) - legend has it that this tape was found in a drawer in an old club that was torn down... apparently DMB gave the club a tape of some live stuff as a demo tape or sorts, for promotion and possible booking. The sound is good, though some of the songs fade at the end. Boyd is not playing on any of these songs... I'd guess it's late '91 but I don't really know. Included : WWYS, OSW, STJL, Cry Freedom, Watchtower, Typ Sit, Warehouse.

BTCS Interview Mix: 90 min. FM/? (A) - this has all of the interview from the BCTS Radio Premiere that aired 4/23/98 (about 35 min; with songs cut). And, also the KROCK interview from 6/6/98 where Dave talked and played Spoon, The Stone and Crash acoustic in the studio. Cool to have Spoon since the band doesn't play it at all.

Various Mix '96: 90 min. SBD/Various Gen. (A-B) Includes 45 minutes of a show from who knows when, plus Too Much as performed on the Late Show with David Letterman, even a Halloween thrown in there, and some other stuff.

Soo's Custom Mix: 90 min. SBD/x (A) Soo made this especially for me... 2 songs and some of an interview from a Cali radio show from late '94. - Somewhat unplugged. Plus the first part of set I from 11/13/93 including a phat unkown song from soundcheck, and a kickin' Doobie Thing and other stuff from 10/1/93... nice little mix!

Unreleased & Extras: 90 min. SBD & AUD/3 (A) A mix of some rare songs, some covers, some unreleased goodies... setlist: Granny, Halloween, The Maker, People People, Any Noise/Anti-Noise, Spotlight, Get In Line, Help Myself, Crazy, #36, Is Chicago Is Not Chicago, Angel From Montgomery, Hold Me Down, Weight of the World, Exodus, True Reflections - all the songs are of very good quality. This is a good one tape mix for beginners.

DMB Rare Live Mix Vol. 2: 90 min. SBD & AUD, DMB & Dave/Tim... Gen? (A,A-) - Not a bad mix, this is on CD. 14 songs, including a nice Get In Line, Deed Is Done (first time played, 9/24/95), Is Chicago... with Tim, Heathcliff's, Cryptorchid, Exodus, Angel, Hold Me Down, #36, Wild Horses (Dave w/Stones), more...

1-800-Help-Yourself: 2 90 min. SBD & AUD/Various Gen. (B-C) Mix tape compiled by Jonathan Walls incl. Spotlight, Exodus, People People, Get In Line, Sweet Home Alabama...Many many rare tunes and special versions of many others... Although, some songs are of poooor quality, while some are decent. Much like the "Gems" compilation.

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