OB's DMB Tapelist : 1999




Format - Date: # tapes / show length. SOURCE/Generation (quality) Venue, City State - Description...

1/20/99 Dave and Tim : 2 90 min. mDAUD/1 (B+) @ Burruss Auditorium (Va Tech), Blacksburg VA - not too bad, the crowd is loud in between songs and the levels are a tad low, but when they're playing and it's quiet, it sounds good. The sound is clear, but not as "full" as you would hope. Very cool to hear Rapunzel, If I Had a Boat (first time played!) and Deed Is Done, among others like Crush, Warehouse, Two Step, Spoon, OSW, PFWYG, Jimi Thing... more.

1/29/99 Dave and Tim : 2 90 min. AUD/ (A-) @ Landmark Theatre, Syracuse NY - very nice levels and decent sound, but it's a bit muffled/muddy and the crowd is annoying as hell... cool set though, Granny, OSW, Spoon, Warehouse, Stone, the new song (Bartender/Reconcile), Crush, If I Had a Boat, Nancies, IBYU, Two Step, Jimi, more...

2/3/99 Dave and Tim : 2 90 min. AUD/1 (A) @ Eisenhower Auditorium (Penn Sate), University Park PA - Really nice tape considering they weren't allowing taping. (I was there, too!) Crowd is a pain at first, but they settle down. Very clear for the most part, if maybe just a tad distant... Granny, If I Had a Boat, The Maker!, Two Step, the new song ("Reconcile..."), The Stone, Crush, Jimi, IBYU, Spoon, #41, Warehouse, Nancies, Cry Freedom, more! (I have a hunch the show is digital in source, most likely minidisc, but I'll never know for sure).

2/7/99 Dave and Tim : 2 100 min. DAUD/0 (DAT->CD) (A+) @ Weis Center (Bucknell U.), Lewisburg PA - wow. Probably the nicest sounding show you'll find from this tour. An amazingly quiet crowd and nice equipment make this show sound really good. And of course I was there. :-) You get a couple new dittys, plus The Maker, If I Had a Boat, PFWYG, Granny, PMonkey, Stay, BOWA, Stone, Crush, Spoon, Cry Freedom, Jimi, Two Step, IBYU, Nancies, more! DAMN! Thanks Robiiin.

2/16/99 Dave & Tim : 2 90 min. AUD/4 (B+) @ Ryman Auditorium, Nashville TN - definitely not bad, but nothing I would call high quality. The cool things about this show are the Wild Horses cover (Stones) and the short version of Always (#40) that preceeds Two Step... plus Warehouse, If I Had a Boat, Jimi, Stone, Stay, Crush, Spoon, BOWA, OSW, #41, the new "Bartender" ditty and more.


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