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Format - Date: # tapes / show length. SOURCE/Generation (quality) Venue, City State - Description...

4/18/98: 2 90 min. DAUD/1 (A-) @ Victory Stadium, Roanoke VA - First show of the year, new album, all that! I was there... shweet. This show sounds pretty decent considering the circumstances (GA show, rainy, stadium, etc.) - Jimi, Stay, Crush, Last Stop, Stone, Pig, DDTW, Rapunzel, Two Step, LIOG and more... sound is just a TAD muddy. A slight tad. Robiiiiiiiiiiiin hooked me up royally. (hey baby!) Note : if you want this show, you will have to send me 2 blank XL-IIS tapes. I don't have any, and have no place to buy them. They have to be taped on those because the levels are tweaked for those tapes specifically, and it sounds like crap on regular XL-II tapes.

4/21/98: 90 min. SBD(TV)/0 (A) @ Tabernacle, Atlanta GA - taped from the MTV 10 Spot show, direct from the TV. Incomplete show - only what was broadcast; songs: Rapunzel, Stay, Crush, Halloween, DDTW, SMTS, Crash, Satellite. Actual time is just about 50 minutes or so. Filler includes the Letterman version of DDTW.

5/15/98: 2 90 min. DAUD/3 (A/A-) @ The Gorge, George WA - very good show, tape one side A levels are a little low, but then the rest of the other 3 sides are all pretty good quality. One of those weird things, no big deal. Cool set - Wynona, the Stone, Jimi, Rapunzel, DIDO, STJL, Stay, Two Step, Crush, Last Stop, Nancies, HALLOWEEN! and more. whatup lil bro!

5/24/98: 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (A) @ Red Rocks, Morrison CO - very, very good tape, pretty nice stuff. Good levels, good sound, cool set - Wynona, Granny, Rapunzel, Two Step, Crush, Last Stop, Stone, #41, Stay, DIDO, more - and a rare 3 song encore! G-Funk in the house. Actually one of the better AUD's I've heard in awhile.

5/25/98: 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (B+) @ Red Rocks, Morrison CO - cool set, but the sound isn't as full or as clear as you'd like. Not bad, though. Dreaming Tree (first time live), True Reflections, Recently, STJL, Jimi, Pig, Rapunzel, Watchtower... more. Once again, G-money in the place to be.

7/22/98: 2 90 min. DAUD/0 (DAT->CD) (A) @ GTE Ampitheatre, Va Beach VA - solid sound, levels a bit low - but nice and clear, it's got Greg Howard on 4 tunes! Dreaming Tree, OSW, Nancies, Watchtower, Billies, Two Step, Last Stop, Crush, BOWA, #41, more. oh yeah! I was there, too. and mad props to Robs. :-)

7/26/98: 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (A) @ SPAC, Saratoga Springs NY - this and 8/2/98 were both taped by the same guy - and they're both very nice. I still don't think they're A+ material, but as far as AUD shows go, you can't get much better. Here's the 411 - Seek Up, Crush, Rapunzel, Last Stop, Warehouse, Two Step, Stay, DDTW, Nancies, STJL! and more... very very good.

8/2/98: 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (A) @ Vernon Downs, Vernon NY - see 7/26/98 (just a TAD less than that one) - anyway, another great show. #36!! plus Last Stop, Crush, Jimi, Warehouse, Nancies, Stay, DDTW, Rapunzel, Two Step, Say 'bye, more... saweet. Nancy hooked me up, yo!

8/8/98: 2 90 min. DAUD/4 (B) @ Deer Creek, Noblesville IN - good show, I was there (!) but the tapes are strugglin' a little. Not the clearest, not the strongest. Pretty distant. Please offer me a better copy. Nice set - PFWYG, Last Stop, Rapunzel, Last Stop, Watchtower, Two Step, Say Bye, Stay, Jimi, DIDO, Crush, LIOG, more.

8/9/98: 2 90 min. DAUD/1 (A) @ Deer Creek, Noblesville IN - Sweet, sweet tape. Ahoy, Natey! Straight from a really nice DAT of the show... crowd is a bit loud, and the sound is a tad distant, but extremely clear with good levels. Setlist is boomin' - #36, Granny, Seek Up, Recently, Ants, #41, The Stone, Rapunzel, Nancies, more. I was there, yo!

8/13/98: 2 90 min. AUD/ (A) @ Starplex Ampthitheatre, Dallas TX - very nice stuff. And one of the stranger shows in awhile... the tapes sound good, very clear and good levels, full sound (if maybe just a tad bassy) and the only thing "wrong" with it is that it's just a tad distant-sounding. This was the freaky "invasion of the crickets" show... Carter left the show in the middle of Jimi due to attacking insects, and they had to turn the house lights on to distract the bugs away from the band. He came back, though. :-) The first ever Spoon, full band (without Carter, right after he left the stage) and also Warehouse, Rapunzel, Stay, Crush, R&R, Two Step, Say Bye, LIOG, more...

8/22/98: 2 90 min. AUD/3 (B) @ Nissan Pavillion, Bristow VA - I was there! But unfortunately the tapes don't do it justice...at least this copy. Just not that great, and the crowd is hella annoying. I'd love an upgrade... 'cuz Seek Up, Rapunzel, Warehouse, Stay, Stone, Jimi, #41, Stir It Up, Pig, Recently, and more... with Herbie and the Headhunters on many tunes... mmm.

8/23/98: 2 90 min. DAUD/0 (DAT->CD) (A) @ Nissan Pavillion, Bristow VA - it doesn't get much better than this. Robin gets the Goddess of the Year award, as she blessed me with this CD show straight from the DAT. I was there, too! Great show with Herbie and the Headhunters guesting on various songs... Rapunzel, Two Step, Ants, Crush, Stay, DIDO, Warehouse, Jimi, Last Stop, Watchtower, SMTS->Too Much, Say 'bye, more! Sweeeeeeeet.

8/27/98: 2 90 min. DAUD/1 (A-) @ Orlando Arena, Orlando FL - cool show. Nice sound, although a little distant and the crowd is loud. But good full sound. Seek Up, Rapunzel, Recently, Last Stop, Crush, Ants, LLD, True Reflections, Stay, Help Myself, more! My babydoll spun me this show. :-)

8/30/98: 2 90 min. mDAUD/1 (A) @ Walnut Creek, Raleigh NC - OSW, #41, Recently (w/Pretty Pretty Girl!) Two Step, Rapunzel, True Reflections, LLD, Ants, Jimi, R&R and more! with some cool AGR filler. Very solid sound, straight from mini-disc master.

10/31/98: 2 90 min. AUD/x (B+) @ Oakland Arena, Oakland CA - cool show. Joshua Redman guests on a couple tunes, Greg Howard and Tim Reynolds are on the whole show, it's phat, dig it. Halloween (of course) plus a swingin' Jimi, IBYU (both w/Redman), Dreaming Tree, Rapunzel, Two Step, Crush, Warehouse, more! Not a bad tape, clear but not "full" sounding.

11/17/98: 2 90 min. DAUD/1 (A) @ Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto ONT - Tim on the whole set... nice show! Very solid sound. Straight from a CD of the DAT. Shweeet. Bunk Boy!!! Anyway... you gots a Rapunzel, #41, a freaky Jimi, Crush, DIDO, Stay, Ants, LIOG, Billies, DDTW, Say Bye and more. Filler is some nice D/T from 12/16/96.

12/2/98: 2 90 min. AUD/ (B+) @ MSG, NY NY - I was there, wahoo! My first show in the Big Apple. Not bad, not some of my favorite tunes, though. The tapes sound ok, not the fullest sound or the strongest levels, but not bad... Seek Up, Rapunzel, a KILLER Two Step, R&R, Nancies, Stay, Crush, Christmas Song, more... Tim guests on the whole show, Butch Taylor and Bela Fleck also jam. Filler includes Bela's jam with Dave on Communication.

12/3/98: 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (A) @ MSG, NY NY - 2nd night at the garden, nice show! Tim guests on the whole thing, Bela and Butch on some songs and Warren Haynes on Watchtower! - Jimi, Warehouse, LIOG, Minarets, #41, DIDO, Last Stop, Rapunzel, IBYU, DDTW and more! Very solid sound. Loud crowd, though.

12/5/98: 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (A) @ Pepsi Arena, Albany NY - Tim on this show again, plus Bela and Butch. Warehouse, Crush, SMTS-Too Much, Rapunzel, Two Step, R&R, Jimi, Last Stop, Recently, DIDO, Christmas Song, Billies, more! Filler is some of Bela's opening set from 12/3. (Same taper/source as 12/3) Peace to Nancy!

Notes: 1998, interesting year... I sure saw a slew of DMB shows. Damn, I had some nice ones, too. I feel blessed... it's weird, though because my tape trading has really slowed down a lot. I've got fewer shows this year, but the ones I have are pretty good overall. I'm lucky to know some generous people. Of course the new album came out this year... easily DMB's most ambitious effort. Don't you think? Started the big tour in April after a much needed break, perhaps the longest in their history. I saw shows in April, July, August and December. Nice range. Some songs were messed around with a bit, while some stayed the same... but for the most part, the energy was there every time. It didn't appear that they were getting tired of them like at the end of '96. Tim toured with the full band for a large portion of the tour, and that was nice. Plus Herbie Hancock and his crew, and Bela and the Tones and a lot of other guests jammed with the boys. They even brought back The Maker with the full band for a couple shows. DAMN! DMB even played Giants and Foxboro stadiums in '98! What's the world comin' to!? ;-)

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