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This is a shot of Dave & Tim from 1/14/97 at Purdue University.
My Alma Matter, I also had 3rd row seats! WoW - Amazing show.

1/14/97 Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds : 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (A) @ Elliott Hall, West Lafayette IN (Purdue University) - the first show of the '97 tour, I was there, whoohoo! Sounds great! Little Thing, Granny, Let U Down, P. Monkey, Two Step, #41, PFWYG, Too Much, etc. Pretty durn good.

1/15/97 Dave & Tim : 2 90 min. AUD/1 (B-) @ IU Auditorium, Bloomington IN - Not too bad, considering crowd is kinda annoying. No complete DAT's of this show exist, I believe. The blizzard put a damper on things (like me being there!), but the first (2nd ever) performance of Captain by Dave & Tim, Angel, Warehouse with Louie, Louie...

1/24/97 Dave & Tim : 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (A-) @ Landmark Theatre, Syracuse NY - great sound, pretty good set, Granny, Captain, OSW, Recently, Jimi, more...

1/25/97 Dave & Tim : 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (A+) @ Stanley Theatre, Utica NY - So sweet, it makes me cry. Wow. Never have I heard a Dave/Tim show this nice. Great set too, Crazy, Is Chicago... (Soul Coughing), Leave Me Praying! (eventual DDTW), Help Myself, STJL...

1/27/97 Dave & Tim : 2 100 min. DAUD/3 (A-) @ Palmer Auditorium, New London CT - Good sound, the crowd is overwhelming at times, but ya got Deed is Done (one of only two this year) and Is Chicago..., Captain, Little Thing, Granny, OSW... good stuff.

1/30/97 Dave & Tim : 2 90 min. AUD/1 (B+) @ Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Providence RI - Not too shabby for non-DAT, Deed is Done (one of only a couple from this year), Captain, Little Thing, Pay 4 What U Get, Lover Lay Down...

2/1/97 Dave & Tim & Stefan : 2 90 min. DAUD/3 (B+) @ Eisenhower Hall, West Point NY - Stefan plays on the whole show, and Joh Popper guests on Say Goodbye, WWYS, and #36!! Pretty good sound, considering the Cadets weren't allowing taping. Plus Captain, Little Thing, more...some of the show is messed cuz it was a stealth recording, but its decent overall.

2/2/97 Dave & Tim : 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (A) @ Cultural Center, Sranton PA - Great quality, decent set: Dave covers Marilyn Manson in this one. Hmmm. Not bad! Plus Granny, Captain, OSW, #41, Recently...more!

2/6/97: Dave & Tim : 2 90 min. AUD/x (A-) @ Burrus Auditorium, Blacksburg VA - Incomplete show - missing 4 songs, probably from being on a Boot CD and being cut to fit time. Ah well. It's good, sounds kinda funny, but levels are solid and sound is fairly clear. Little Thing, Granny, Captain, Let You Down, OSW, Is Chicago..., much more. Filler even includes Dave singing with the Rolling Stones on Wild Horses.

2/17/97 Dave & Tim : 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (A-) @ Paramount Theatre, Denver CO - Real nice, about the same quality as the second night, even better setlist, cuz Leave Me Praying is on here! Real nice, one of only two this tour. Plus LLD, Jimi, Monkey, The new Dream I Killed song, STJL, Tim on Stream, Let You Down, Warehouse with Louie, Louie, #41, Nancies, Two Step, more!

2/18/97 Dave & Tim : 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (A-) @ Paramount Theatre, Denver CO - Sa-weet. Solid in sound & clarity, but distant & hard to hear the Davespeak. Great set though... Don't Burn The Pig, Cryptorchid (Marilyn Manson cover), Captain, Granny, The Maker, the new "Dream I Killed" song, Crazy, Lover Lay Down, #41, TWO Timmy songs, aahhhh... real nice.

2/20/97 Dave & Tim : 2 90 min. DAUD/3 (B+) @ Warfield Theatre, San Francisco CA - Decent sound, hard to hear the little things, like Dave speaking. but the music is good. Very similar to the 2/21 (probably same taper) - you get The Maker, Granny, Captain, Is Chicago..., Jimi, STJL, Two Tim songs!, more...

2/21/97 Dave & Tim : 2 90 min. DAUD/3 (B+) @ Warfield Theatre, San Francisco CA - Good sound, but a little distant. Kinda hard to hear Dave when he's just talking. And the crowd is a pain. But - Don't Burn The Pig, Blue Water, the new "Dream I Killed" song, Little Thing, BOWA, R & R, Seek Up... ah, not bad!

2/22/97 Dave & Tim : 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (A-) @ Pantages Theatre, Hollywood CA - Damn. This is a great show. Amazing setlist, with a never before played song. Its kinda light, very different from either Captain or the other new "Dream I Killed" song (which are both on this show.) But its still good! Plus Plus! Granny, Is Chicago..., Two Timmy songs, The Maker!, Recently, Lover Lay Down, #41, etc. Real nice sound too. And plus! the coooolest cover of DMB I ever heard, Warehouse as a percussion ensemble starring Kelly Bolton! (hi kel!)

6/3/97: 2 90 min. DAUD/3 (A) @ Classic Ampitheatre, Richmond VA - First show of the '97 summer tour! Good sound too. Strong and pretty clear. Daniel Lanois' For The Beauty of Wynona - first time played! and Jimi, Two Step, Recently, DIDO, LLD and Bela Fleck jams on Ants and LIOG - more!

6/6/97: 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (A) @ SPAC, Saratoga Springs NY - Nice sounding show, the 3rd DMB show this year! A bit distant and just a 'lil boomy, but pretty clear nonetheless. Great set, the first Leave Me Praying with Stefan and Carter (sorta) plus For The Beauty of Wynona (cover) that kicks! and Jimi, Recently, SMTS-Too Much, Seek Up (with Bela!), #41, Two Step... more. Nancy Casellini also rocks the casbah.

6/10/97: 2 90 min. AUD/2 (B+) @ Jones Beach, Wantaugh NY - John Popper and Bela Fleck guest! Bela on two songs and both on Seek Up! (sweet). Plus LMP, DIDO, Wynona, Help Myself, #41, STJL, Two Step, Nancies... more. Decent sound.

6/25/97: 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (A-) @ Pine Knob, Clarkston MI - 6/6 sounds a bit better, but this show is cool. True Reflections, PFWYG, Recently, R & R, Jimi, Two Step, and of course the phab new tune (Whatever its called) Leave Me Praying... nice. The sound is a just a tad more distant and the crowd is very loud at points. But it still sounds pretty good! And still better than last summer. By far - what the hell... not bad having a show 3 weeks after it happened! Thanks JB!

6/27/97: 2 90 min. DAUD/3 (B+) @ New World Music Theatre, Tinley Park IL - (I was there! 6th row woohoo!) This is a cool ass show. It was probably my fave of the 4 I saw this summer. Sweet Seek Up, LIOG, #41, Nancies, Warehouse, BOWA, LMP... oh, and Granny! (Unfortunately, this copy cuts Granny in two. argh) Decent sound on this one.

6/28/97: 2 90 min. DAUD(MinidDisc)/1 (A-) @ Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN - strong levels, good sound, but has a bit of unevenness and the crowd is pretty loud & gets in the way. The bass is a bit heavy at times. Oh yeah : Two Step, Recently, BOWA, LLD, #41, Jimi, LMP.... nice! And it all happened on my 23rd birthday :-) while I was in attendance!

7/1/97: 1 90, 1 100 min. AUD/3 (B+) @ Red Rocks, Morrison CO - Granny, Two Step, Jimi, Wynona, LMP, Seek Up! DIDO, more. I was there, baby! Strong levels, crowd is kinda a pain, sound is pretty good but not perfect.

7/2/97: 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (A) @ Red Rocks, Morrison CO - Awww yeah. That's right. And I was there. Front row. 15 feet away from Dave and Boyd, right in between 'em. Awww yeah. John Popper was there, too... did you know that? Yep, he played on Recently & WWYS. Awww yeah. This show is better than most the other summer shows I have, but it's still not the BEST AUD I've heard. But very very good. Other songs, Leave Me Praying, PFWYG, Jimi, Two Step, #41... more. Great show.

7/7/97: 2 90 min. DAUD(MiniDisc)/3 (A) @ Concord Pavilion, Concord CA - Jammin' show. Sweet sound, very clear and little crowd annoyance but it's kinda distant. Wild OSW opener, STJL, Two Step, Jimi, LMP, Wynona, #41, Say G'bye and a couple guest shots for a couple of Los Lobos thrown in there, too. Nice!

1997 Notes : Well, they didn't play a lot, but there's so much to talk about! Amidst many many complaints of stale setlists, DMB took a long haitus this year. Dave and Tim still came out and actually did a longer acoustic tour this year. They again pulled out some oldies and hardly-ever-playedies, so that was sweet. A song only heard once before (Captain, fka Crazy) as well as some brand spankin' new ones were even played (Dreamed I Killed God, and a couple other unamed ones.) After that the band took off for a few months and came back over the summer for a quick couple of months of shows. They changed up a lot of tunes and brought in some new ones with the whole band, too! Leave Me Praying (now Don't Drink The Water) was played almost every night and really developed into a hell of a song. The summer shows seemed a whole lot better than the end of last year, and it looks like the break did them well. Before These Crowded Streets was recorded mostly at the end of this year. No NYE this year! Stefan's wife was expecting around the first of the year, so the band decided not to pull him away from the birth of his second child. There were a few shows played with the Rolling Stones very late in the year, as well. These shows were almost completely identical and were nothing but solid hits without any inklings of new songs, but what would you expect in a Stones opening show?

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