OB's DMB Tapelist : 1996




Format - Date: # tapes / show length. SOURCE/Generation (quality) Venue, City State - Description...

2/1/96 Dave & Tim Reynolds: 1 100, 1 90 min. AUD/2 (A-) @ IU Auditorium, Bloomington IN - incl. Deed is Done, Little Thing (And I was THERE! Whats up Mike D?) pretty good show, but distant sounding... also Crash, Seek Up, Recently, Warehouse, Say Bye, Two Step, SMTS, more...

2/5/96 Dave & Tim Reynolds: 2 90 min. AUD/x (B) @ Stevens Auditorium, Ames IA - Deed is Done, Little Thing, Watermelon!, Nature (a bit), Granny, #41, Crash, Seek Up, Xmas Song, Recently, more...

2/6/96: Dave & Tim @ Luther College, Decorah IA (Commercial 2-CD Release)

2/8/96 Dave & Tim Reynolds: 2 90 min. AUD/x (B+) @ Wharton Center, E. Lansing MI - Incl. #36, Little Thing, Deed is Done, Angel, Crash, many more. Nice.

2/11/96 Dave & Tim Reynolds: 2 90 min. AUD/4 (B+) @ Lefrak Hall / Amherst College, Amherst MA - Good show! Incl. Granny, Deed is Done, Little Thing, Blue Water, Proudest Monkey, and that great Watermelon Song we all know and love! ;)

2/17/96 Dave & Tim Reynolds: 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (A-) @ Jorgensen Auditorium, UConn, Storrs CT - Proudest Monkey, #41, Sweet Home Alabama (Southern Man), Deed is Done, Little Thing, Two Step... and many more...Sa-weet.

2/18/96 Dave & Tim Reynolds: 2 90 min. AUD/x (B+) @ Leede Arena, Dartmouth College, Hanover NH - the debut of Leave Me Praying! (or whatever it will be called...) and its pretty sweet. good sound, but quiet and low leveled. more info...

2/19/96 Dave & Tim Reynolds: 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (A) @ U of New Hampshire, Incl. Hold Me Down and Leave Me Praying, Tangerine, plus Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago by Soul Coughing, many more! Great stuff. Really nice. Some say the best D&T show ever.

4/30/96:2 90 min. AUD/x (B-) @ Nissan Pavillion, Richmond VA - CRASH release show - the show is pretty damn weak but the filler incl. 2 great early versions of WWYS (Not a Motherfuckin' THING!)

5/6/96: 90 min. SBD(video)/2 (A) @ State Palace Theater, New Orleans LA - From the MTV show Crashing The Quarter: Say Goodbye, Billies, SMTS, Ants, Too Much, Crash & WWYS. Filler is some various groovy songs.

5/10/96: 2 90 min. AUD/x (B+) @ St. Denis Theatre, Montreal Quebec - not bad, the sound kinda swells a bit. Decent, though. Cool set - incl. Little Thing and BOWA solo encores, a cool #36 (w/G. Love), LIOG, #41, Two Step, Jimi... more.

5/11/96: 2 90 min. AUD/3x (A-) @ The Concert Hall, Toronto Ontario - A real nice AUD - a great set too - Exodus (anniversary of Bob Marley's death) and a great solo Little Thing, plus #36 with G. Love, Jimi, OSW, P Monkey, Granny!, etc... nice!

6/4/96: 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (A-) @ GTE Ampitheatre, Va Beach VA - You have no idea how long I've been wanting to find this show. And it's about damn time!!! This show has the last (and only 2nd) ever full band Deed Is Done, though it's very short (one verse) and Boyd and Roi don't do a thing on it. But it's hella cool. It's also got #41, #36, DIDO, SMTS, Jimi, P Monkey, LIOG, SJTL, Ants... and more. The encore is missing (Nancies, Warehouse, Watchtower) - becuase the taper had to leave. If you have a complete copy, gimme a holler! The sound is good, but definitely not stellar. Pretty decent for '96 though.

6/7/96: 2 90 min. AUD/2 (B+) @ Great Woods, Mansfield MA - Not too bad! The Watermelon Song in full effect... Proudest Monkey, #36, DIDO, SMTS, #41, more...

6/9/96: 2 100 min. DAUD/4 (B+) @ Jones Beach, Wantaugh NY - Good stuff... one of the best AUD I've heard from the Crash summer tour (which actually isnt saying a whole lot). PLUS! the opening set from Ben Harper, it kicks my ass! He's amazing... Pretty good...

6/11/96: 2 90 min. AUD/2 (B) @ Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel NJ - Kinda far away sound, but not bad. DMB's version of Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago by the marvelous Soul Coughing is here. Toy Soldiers too. Lotsa crowd noise. Filler: Farm Aid show from 94/95?

6/19/96: 1 100 min, 1 90 min. AUD/2 (B+) @ Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN - I WAS THERE!
Not too bad, really, for an AUD, kinda sounds like you're listening to the show in Kentucky, though. Good sound. Watchtower w/Ben Harper!

6/22/96: 2 90 min. AUD/3x (B) @ Pine Knob, Detroit MI - incl. new "song" Toy Soldiers (I HAD tickets...) Not all that great.

9/1/96: 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (A) @ Blockbuster Pavillion, Charlotte NC - A really nice sounding show. Probably the nicest 96 audience tape I have. Decent set, Seek Up, #41, Two Step, DI,DO, OSW, BOWA, TypSit, WWYS, and for the encore, who would come out and sing on Granny but local boys Hootie and the Blowfish! Its pretty cool actually, I like Darius' deep voice with the boys. Nice!

9/6/96: 90 min. AUD/3x (A-) @ World Music Theatre, Tinley Park IL - Opened for Neil Young. Incl a nasty Recently, #41, LIOG, Jimi. Decent sound. Nothing terribly extraordinairy.

9/29/96: 2 90 min. AUD/3 (A-) @ Hershey Park, Hershey PA - Good sound, kinda bass heavy, some hiss... but the important thing is the 45 minute opening set of SOUL COUGHING! They kick ass, y'all check em out...

10/3/96: 2 90 min. DAUD/4 (A) @ Madison Square Garden, NY NY - With Doughty of Soul Coughing on the first ever Little Baby Jam!, plus Angel From Montgomery, LIOG, #41, Two Step, Granny, DIDO, and a Dave solo Watchtower during the encore, more... This show was recently upgraded, and sounds really good. A great AUD recording. Solid A, borderline A+.

10/4/96: 2 90 min. AUD/x (B+) @ MSG, NY NY - Doughty on the Little Baby Jam again, even better! Cool as hell. Popper shows up for the encore, WWYS, its cool too. Not HQ sound, but not bad. Great Jimi too. more...

10/25/96 : 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (A) @ Woodlands, Houston TX - Good strong sound, pretty clear. Great Seek Up, Crash, Two Step, Help Myself, 'da little baby jam!, Jimi, #36, Cry Freedom, and IBYU & DI,DO as the encore. Pretty good AUD.

11/9/96: 90 min. SBD(FM)/0 (A) @ Cow Palace, San Francisco CA - FM broadcast of most of the show (13 songs). Sounds good, a couple of the songs are screwed up, problems with the broadcast (Two Step & #41). BUT! its got the funky segue SMTS-> Too Much, and more... Hey, its an SBD! Straight off the radio.

11/10/96 Modern Rock Live: 90 min. SBD(FM)/0 (A) Live from SanFran - Radio show, with 5 songs live, #41, SMTS, Billies, Ants, and great Recently - Straight from the radio.

12/5/96: 2 90 min. AUD/3 (B+) @ Joyce Center, Notre Dame IN - I was there! 8th row, woo! Finally got a decent complete copy of this one. (thanks Jeff) Seek Up, Two Step, #41, LIOG, Help Myself, Jimi, Nancies, and a Christmas Song in there, too. The sound isn't too bad, but not the clearest. I thought it mighta been lost! The filler is 45 min of a nice Ben Folds Five show.

12/31/96: 2 90 min. DAUD/2 (B+) Hampton Colliseum, Hampton VA - NYE! And I had the good fortune to be present for this gem of a show. Its good, not the highest quality recording. Good stuff though, jams all over the place from the help of Bela Fleck and the 'Tones. A full 3 hour show. Wow! There's Seek Up, #41, Two Step, Watchtower, Little Baby Jam!, Rhyme & Reason, Nancies, Warehouse, LIOG, more!

Notes: Dave & Tim did their first acoustic tour this year, and it was a big hit. They unveiled some great new songs from the new album that was released this year also. When it was finally released, the guys started a monster tour and basically didn't stop until the new year! And no, we *didn't* get the soundboard for the NYE show. Setlists became somewhat stagnant to some people, and many think the band is playing too much to the "radio crowd." Some songs were basically dropped from the playlist. Halloween was not played in '96 until the actual day of Halloween. #36 was basically a mystery after June. #40 was no where to be seen since mid '95. But what they played, they played extremely well. They also had some kick-ass opening acts throughout the year.

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