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Format - Date: # tapes / show length. SOURCE/Generation (quality) Venue, City State - Description...

1/26/95: 90 min. DAUD(CD)/1 (A+) @ Memorial Auditorium, Burlington VT - Guest: Trey Anastasio from Phish (4 songs). Great AUD, perfect. Seek Up, #36, Jimi, Water/Wine Jam, Recently... Gotta love it.

2/14/95: 90 min. AUD/x (B-) - Carpenter Center, Richmond VA - with the Richmond Symphony Orchestra - Not all that horrible, but kinda hissy, kinda low level, kinda distant, kinda not real clear... well, ok, its kinda not real good! but there are NO good copies anywhere, basically! This one is better than the next night though. Sound, anyway. Its a real cool show to have though cuz it obviously is a groovy thing to have an Orchestra back DMB. Recently, Granny, Warehouse, LLD, Ants, LIOG, PFWYG, Help Myself, Xmas Song, Nancies, Say Goodbye... more. Its definitely listenable.

2/15/95: 90 min. AUD/x (C) - Carpenter Center, Richmond VA - with the RSO - A bit less quality than the other, scratchier. Clearer though. Uneven levels too. Bummer, though! All the same songs as the previous night basically excpet on this one there's #36! and no Say Goodbye...

2/23/95: 2 90 min. DSBD/0(DAT->CD) (A+) @ Roseland, NY NY - Great freakin' show! Guest: Popper on Recently and #36! Also Seek Up, R & R, LIOG, Say Goodbye, Help Myself, Jimi, WWYS, Angel from Montgomery, Nancies and more! Perfect sounding, thanks to my girl Robin.

2/24/95: 2 90 min. SBD/3x (A) @ Roseland, NY NY - Classic DMB. Incl a great Granny (my fave version ever), Seek Up, Recently, Minarets, PFWTG, Typical, Two Step, Halloween, and Guests: Trey (Phish) and John Popper (2 songs total) Both on Watchtower and it fuckin' rawks! Filler incl a very old interview with Dave from late '93. (I also have this show on CD and it sounds GREAT, but whoever sourced it took out some of the davespeak and a lot of the space in between songs. None of the songs are cut. It's kinda not a *real* whole show, but I can spin it if you want.)

3/8/95: 90 min. SBD/x (A-) @ State Theatre, Kalamazoo MI - Pretty decent sound, not all that solid, but good. Good set: Seek Up, Nancies, LIOG, Jimi, #36, Recently, Water/Wine jam...missing the e: Watchtower

4/7/95: 90 min. SBD/4x (A) @ Cameron Indoor Stadium (Duke U.), Durham NC - Missing first four songs. But... what's here is: very very early versions of Always (aka #40) and #41! (both with the band, I might add) Debut for one, 2nd time played for the other... and SMTS, Jimi, more. I recently got an upgraded version of this tape, still missing the first 4 songs but MUCH MUCH better quality. Easy A, almost A+, its really sweet.

4/10/95: 90 min. AUD/x (B+) @ The Edge, Orlando FL - Includes Always (#40) with the band! It jams! Carter adds so much to it... Plus there's Recently, Water/Wine jam, LIOG, Nancies, SMTS, R&R, more... missing the last song (Halloween), though. bummer :( - a bit hissy and uneven, but decent.

5/5/95: 90 min. AUD/3x (A-) @ Day Ampitheatre, Salem OR - Always (#40) - Dave solo in the encore! Good show overall, incl. Recently, STJL, #36, Warehouse, Billies, DI,DO... more. Decent sound and pretty clear.

5/9/95: 90 min. AUD/4x (A-) @ Warfield Theatre, San Francisco CA - Always, aka #40!! Dave solo, sweet! Plus #36, Billies, Jimi, Seek Up! and more... good sound, kinda distant though.

5/10/95: 50 min. SBD(FM)/0 (CD) (A+) @ Yoshi's, Oakland CA - Radio Broadcast (~unplugged), incl. Always (aka #40) and Don't Burn The Pig, Recently, Ants, Jimi, Billies, more! Show is actually around 47 min. Just updgraded to a CD copy of the show, it sounds phenomenal!

5/14/95: 90 min. AUD/x (B-) @ Mesa Ampitheatre, Phoenix AZ - The last show DMB did with Big Head Todd. And the last time they played Always (aka #40), I believe (before the '99 D/T resurrection). Not the best tape, but its got a good little set. Always, Recently, Jimi, Watchtower, Say 'bye, WWYS, BOWA, more.

5/20/95: 90 min. AUD/4x (A) @ Las Vegas - Opened for the Grateful Dead. This is a GREAT sounding AUD. One of the better ones I've heard. Most likely it was done by an experienced Dead taper. Great sound. Don't Burn The Pig! Awesome version. Drive In/Out, Jimi Thing, #36, more. Filler is the first part of 5/21/95 same place. OSW, LIOG and True Reflections from that. Pretty good!

7/26/95: 2 90 min. AUD/x (B) @ Walnut Creek, Raleigh NC - Hold Me Down! solo encore, plus Recently, Two Step, BOWA, LIOG, Jimi, and #36, more! Sound isn't bad, but not great. Probably just a tad under 7/31.

7/28/95: 2 90 min. AUD/x (B) @ Oak Mountain, Birminghan AL - The Hold Me Down trilogy is now complete. Plus this show has Tim and David Ryan Harris ripping it up on guitar. Highlights : Hold Me Down, solo encore, Exodus!, #36... Kinda sketchy, uneven sound, but fairly clear.

7/31/95: 2 90 min. AUD/x (B) @ venue? , Austin TX - Hold Me Down! solo in the encore, nice. Plus Don't Burn The Pig, real nice. Great other songs, like early #41, Proudest Monkey, Jimi, Granny, Seek Up, Carter just rips on #36 (w/Patrice Pike of Little Sister - wow!) and DI,DO... more. Too bad the sound isn't the best on this. Clear, but too distant, too much treble, its hard to hear everyone. Noisy crowd too. Filler is actually Agents 5/22/96.

8/5/95: 2 90 min. AUD/2 (A-) @ Universal Ampitheatre, L.A. CA - I used to think this show was crap. After listening to it for the first time in about 2 years (no joke!) I have a better idea. It's actually decent, clear sound, strong levels (but a bit uneven, and the crowd is annoying as hell.) Overall not bad, Seek Up, Drive In Drive Out, early Proudest Monkey, BOWA, Recently, more. This is the 4th show I ever got.

8/11/95: 2 90 min. AUD/4 (B) @ Greek Theatre, Berkley CA - Pretty mediocre sound, cool set, includes Eyes of The World (Grateful Dead)! (only time ever played) and early Proudest Monkey and #41, Seek Up, Recently, Jimi... cool!

8/15/95: 2 90 min. DSBD/2 (A+) @ Red Rocks, Morrison CO - GREAT sound... very good. (Yeah it IS an SBD, it was a local radio broadcast and someone plugged into the radio van with a DAT!) Tim guests on the whole show, and it rocks. Seek Up, P Monkey, #36, DIDO, Recently with the Water/Wine jam, LIOG, ahhhh.... very very nice. Gotta love it. This is the same show that the double CD set is from (with the davespeak NOT edited out!)

8/23/95: 2 90 min. AUD/2 (B) @ Meadowbrook, Rochester MI - Its non-DAT, and a bit muffled in sound. Decent levels. Great set though, Exodus! Jimi, and R & R (all with guest David Ryan Harris) plus Monkey, OSW, LLD, Two Step, PFWYG, DI DO, Nancies, Warehouse...

9/1/95: 2 90 min. AUD/3x (A-) @ SUNY Albany, Albany NY - Pretty nice for an AUD- David Ryan Harris (Dionne Farris' band) guests on guitar on several songs, namely Jimi and Exodus! Jam! Early #41 and Proudest Monkey as well... the filler has some kickass old/rare tunes AND two songs by DMB I've never heard, and have no idea what they are. (and that's saying a lot.)

9/3/95: 2 90 min. AUD/2 (B) @ Jones Beach, Wantaugh NY - Not the highest quality, but strong levels, decent sound. Crazy Warehouse with Wild Thing and Louie, Louie; early Proudest Monkey & #41, BOWA, Recently, Jimi... With guests David Ryan Harris (4 songs!) AND Dionne Farris on Typical (wow!)

9/24/95 Dave & Tim Reynolds: 2 90 min. AUD/x (A-) @ Swarthmore Colllege, Swarthmore PA - The FIRST time Crash and Deed is Done were played, plus Let You Down (2nd known time), Granny, Recently, Jimi, Angel, Say Goodbye, Two Step, A new song "improv" that kicks ass... nice stuff. Some hiss, but not bad!

10/4/95: 2 90 min. AUD/3 (A-) @ Tinker St. Cafe, Woodstock NY - (w/Tim Reynolds) Show during the recording of CRASH...at a local bar, incl. are Deed is Done, Too Much (both first time played by the whole band) and other songs off of CRASH. Filler incl. many old covers. One of the better AUD I've heard.

12/29/95: 2 90 min. AUD/x (A-) @ Patriot Center, Fairfax VA - Little Thing, Too Much, Two Step, #41, OSW, Warehouse, Crash... more! Decent sound, nothing spectacular.

12/30/95: 2 90 min. DSBD/3 (A) @ Hampton Colliseum, Hampton VA - w/Guest Bruce Hornsby on Watchtower! AND Little Thing, Too Much, #41, Warehouse, R&R, Jimi, Two Step... damn. Very nice stuff, but the only thing that's weird is the mysterious gap (10 seconds or so, probably a drop out) in the beginning of Jimi Thing. hmm. Sounds great, though.

12/31/95: 2 90 min. DSBD/3 (A) @ Hampton Colliseum, Hampton VA - NYE '95!! Great show, Little Thing, Crash, Too Much, Warehouse, Proudest Monkey, Jimi, Two Step, DIDO, Seek Up, Recently, many more... wow! Great stuff! Another freaky 10 sec drop out in Recently, this time.

Notes: Well. In '95, the soundboard patch was disconnected. The last show that was taped from a patch was the 2/24 show. Major bummer. Bootleg CD's were a problem for the label, so they disallowed SBD's from then on. But! We DID get a couple patches at the 12/30 and 12/31 shows, and they turned out to be phenomenal. (Even a few surprise patches - most likely to friends of the band - on 3/8 & 4/7.) Hopefullly this trend of special patches given out will continue. The band also recorded their follow up album for RCA the latter part of the year. As for touring, the boys saw the world in '95. Literally. We even got some good new tunes in the forms of Little Thing, Hold Me Down, Always (#40), #41, Deed is Done, Too Much, Crash! Plus the one-time-only tribute to the Grateful Dead, Eyes of The World.

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