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Format - Date: # tapes / show length. SOURCE/Generation (quality) Venue, City State - Description...

1/10/94: 2 90 min. SBD/x (A-) @ Gartoon's Saloon, Vail CO - Not too shabby, not the clearest though. Some hiss. Real nice set, incl. Seek Up, #36, Nancies, STJL, LLD, LIOG, Warehouse, Typical, Jimi, Angel... nice.

1/29/94 Dave & Tim: 90 min. SBD/3x (A) (1st set only) @ Wetlands, NY NY - I actually have this on CD, but its the first set only, and I don't know what the source is... it's nice quality, but not what I would expect if it were straight from DAT, so I don't have a clue. Not bad, though... the first show Dave did after Anne's death and he mentions it in the intro. Billies, PFWYG, OSW, Warehouse, Minarets, IBYU, Stream, more...

2/4/94: 2 90 min. DSBD/5 & DSBD/3 (A/A+) @ Georgia Theatre, Athens GA - Set One (DSBD/5): Damn good sound, solid levels, great set. Ants as an opener, Seek Up, WWYS, #36, LLD, OSW... and even some (e:) filler! (of course, some hiss) - Set Two (DSBD/2): This is pound for pound probably the best sounding tape I've heard. The mix for this theatre is perfect. Its like butta baby. wow...a fantastic Typical Situation, a crazy Jimi, a jumpy Granny, a phenomenal Recently (Norwegian Wood, Take Me to the River, Tennessee) and Warehouse (Wild Thing). There is a tad of hiss due to being 3rd gen, but thats about it.

2/5/94: 2 90 min. SBD/x (A[2] / A-[1]) @ Georgia Theatre, Athens GA - the next night... Not too bad, not as clear as I would have liked, but its good. OSW, #36, STJL, LIOG, Two Step, PFWYG, Seek Up, Jimi, WWYS, Nancies, Halloween and more! Set 2 is much better than Set 1 for some strange reason.

2/22/94: 2 90 min. SBD/3x (A) @ Trax, Ch'ville VA - Awesome show, one of the last ever at Trax. #36, WWYS, Seek up!, Halloween!, Jimi, a kick ass Ants (with Carter goin nuts on the intro), Granny, much more. There's a couple holes in the first song or two, apparently digital dropouts. A little annoying but not much more than that.

2/25/94: 2 90 min. SBD/5x (A) @ Sweetbriar College, Lynchburg VA - Great set, damn nice sound too, though a decent amount of hiss. #36, Nancies, LIOG, True Refl., EXODUS!, Jimi, WWYS, Recently... and perhaps my fave Seek Up ever (and that's saying a lot!)

3/10/94: 2 90 min. SBD/5x (A-) @ Fox Theatre, Boulder CO - Great setlist, good sound (a bit high on the levels makes some feedback) including #36, Seek Up, a great WWYS, Jimi, OSW, Halloween, Recently, Lover Lay Down, much more.

3/19/94: 90 min. DSBD/2 (A) @ Schuba's, Chicago IL - This is a really nice tape and show, too bad I'm missing the second tape (5 songs, care to hook me up?) ...sweet Seek Up, Recently, Angel..., TypSit, Nancies, PFWYG, STJL, Billies, more!

3/31/94: 2 90 min. SBD/3 (A-) @ New Daisy Theatre, Memphis TN Sounds Great, Decent set incl. Granny, #36. Filler has the most KICK ASS sound check JAM I've ever heard, from unknown date. Over 22 Minutes Long!! As well as an Awesome Exodus!

4/5/94: 2 90 min. SBD/x (A) @ Georgia Theatre, Athens GA - Solid show, nice sound, good levels. Sweet OSW opener, plus Seek Up, Halloween, WWYS, BOWA, Billies, LIOG, STJL, R&R, Two Step, Warehouse, Recently, Watchtower... more. Filler is a 5 song radio show, whole band unplugged, 7/22/95, including Jimi->WWBOM?.

4/6/94: 2 90 min. SBD/x (A-) @ Georgia Theatre, Athens GA - not as good as 4/5, but definitely decent; a little muddy. Seek Up, Nancies, LLD, Two Step, Ants, Recently, BOWA, Jimi, Help Myself... more. Filler is a radio show, whole band unplugged, 2/22/95.

4/9/94: 90 min. SBD/2 (A) @ Woodbury Forest School, ? VA - A cool little show, good set, I recently upgraded this show, and it's pretty solid. Good quality stuff! very nice Seek Up, Rhyme & Reason (early new version, before UTTAD w/ diff. lyrics) Recently, Jimi, OSW, Two Step, Ants, more.

4/13/94: 2 90 min. SBD/x (B+) @ Club Metronome, Burlington VT - Some hiss, levels kinda low...but there's two soundcheck songs, R&R (great version, jam at the end) and STJL, plus Seek Up, LIOG, Billies, more... (looking to upgrade)

7/17/94: 2 90 min. SBD(CD)/3 (A+) @ Backstage Tavern, Seattle WA - Sounds great, crisp and clean! Incl. intense LIOG, Seek Up, Watchtower, BOWA, Warehouse, STL, PFWYG, Ants & Recently, more... Filler incl. various all-star jams.

7/28/94: 2 90 min. SBD(CD)/1 (A+) @ Irving Plaza, NY NY - Good stuff, great sound. Kinda a short show. OSW with kickin' intro, Billies, STJL, R&R, PFWYG, BOWA, Jimi Thing...more. Great filler - #36, more.

8/12/94: 2 90 min. SBD/2 (A) @ Ziggy's, Winston-Salem NC - Incl. Granny, Billies, IBYU, Halloween, WWYS, PFWYG, Recently, Two Step, BOWA, #36, Say Goodbye...good stuff. Pretty good sound. Hillarious Davespeak before Say G'bye!

9/27/94: 90 min. SBD/4x (A) @ UVA Ampitheatre, Ch'ville VA - UTTAD Release Show! Missing the last song (Billies) but what's here is cool. Good sound, strong levels (almost too strong) even though the first part of BOWA is messed up. Jimi, Recently, Nancies, LLD, PFWYG, Warehouse, R&R, LIOG, Say 'bye, more.

9/28/94: 2 90 min. SBD(CD)/1 (A+) @ The Floodzone, Richmond VA - UTTAD release show incl. argueable the best Recently ever...AND, the meanest jam by Boyd ever heard, Halloween -> JAM -> Ants... daaaaamn. AMAZING stuff. Much more: BOWA, WWYS, Jimi, Say Goodbye, OSW...

9/30/94: 2 90 min. DSBD/1 @ Roseland Ballroom, NY NY - (rare show!) Straight off the DAT. Primo sound, everything. Entire setlist : BOWA, Satellite, WWYS, Nancies->Warehouse, Say 'bye, Jimi, R&R, PFWYG, Billies, Minarets->TypSit, Recently* - Encore: Intro->OSW*, Halloween* (* - with guest Mark Quinonez from Allman Bros. Band on percussion) Killer shit, and no Ants, even! Plus some unreal Ben Harper (DSBD) filler!

10/5/94: 90 min. SBD/x (A-) @ Club Soda, Montreal Canada - Decent sound, a bit bass heavy, a little feedback, but its clear. Good set, Dave gets pissed at some crowd pushers and goes off! hehe! Jimi, Say Goodbye, LLD, WWYS, BOWA, and in the encore during Watchtower... Dave sings a few lines from Stairway to Heaven! really!

10/8/94: 100 min. DSBD/1 (A+) @ Avalon, Boston MA - The first Get In Line! Wow... damn. This is one of the best ever analog tapes I have ever heard. Very very good, straight off the DAT! Amazing Get In Line, superb Seek Up, BOWA, STJL, a kick ass Say Goodbye (although it is cut between sides, damn!), WWYS, Billies, and it ends with a completely amazing Recently (about half a dozen intros/outros) and Halloween! What else could you ask for in a 100 min show!?!? (it is complete, by the way.)

10/9/94: 90 min. SBD/4x (A-) @ Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence RI - First tape only, I'd love the second! (I'm missing the last 6 songs) This part of the show, at least, is pretty good. Good levels, a bit of hiss. Seek Up, STJL, Get in Line!, BOWA, #36, Jimi, Granny...

10/14/94: 2 90 min. SBD/3 (A) @ Georgia Theatre, Athens GA - Kick ass show, Get In Line, Watchtower, LLD, Recently, Seek Up! Much more... Filler: some of the amazing 12/12/93 Dave & Tim show.

10/21/94: 100 min. SBD/3x (A-) @ Mississippi Nights, St. Louis MO - Short show, all there except Recently is cut toward the end, incl. Get in Line! #36, Warehouse, LIOG... good show.

10/27/94: 2 90 min. SBD/3x (A) @ Barrymore Theatre, Madison WI - This is an A quality tape with a catch - the levels are kinda low, so you have to turn it up if you want to hear it well, and the result of that is a good amount of hiss when you turn up the volume. Really good sound, if it were leveled better and had a little more bass punch, it coulda been A+! There's Seek Up, #36, Recently, Jimi, Nancies, Warehouse, Cry Freedom, BOWA, R&R...more.

11/9/94: 2 90 min. SBD/4x (A) @ Va. Horse Center, Lexington VA - Solid sound, good quality, not as crispy as other shows, but it's good. Get In Line! BOWA, R&R, STJL, SMTS, WWYS, Xmas Song, #36, a funky unnamed Jam, Halloween... nice stuff. That jam roks!

11/11/94: 2 90 min. SBD/4x (A) @ Wait Chapel, Wake Forest NC - Sweet show, bummer that #36 is cut in half at the beginning, but its got Get In Line, Jimi, Halloween, XMas Song, BOWA, Recently...and that funky jam from 11/9 also... Plus a DMB demo session from what sounds like late '93. It includes a song I have no idea what the title is.

11/14/94: 1 100, 1 90 min. SBD/2 (A) @ The Vogue, Indianapolis IN - Seek Up, #36, BOWA, Recently, Ants, Warehouse, Cry Freedom, Jimi, True Refl, Xmas Song - Encore has the best ever Minarets with Rusted Root! (Incidentally, my first show - MAD PROPS to Chris Primus who spun 'um.) Filler incl. 1/3 of a good show from 12/2/93.

11/17/94: 2 90 min. SBD/4x (A) @ Fox Theatre, Boulder CO - good show, sound is solid but not perfect. Slight flaws but still pretty good. Very nice set, Seek Up, Jimi, Get In Line, #36, Recently, STJL, Warehouse, Cry Freedom, WWYS, R&R, Xmas Song, Halloween (and that killer jam from 11/9 & 11/11.) Shweet. They filmed the WWYS video the next night in the same place.

11/20/94: 2 90 min. SBD(CD)/2 (A+) @ Marriott Ballroom, Vail CO - Fab show. Incredible sound, incl Get In Line! plus Say Goodbye, Jimi, Ants, Watchtower, #36, Recently, BOWA, PFWYG, STJL, TypSit...more! Some hillarious Davespeak, too!

11/23/94: 2 90 min. SBD/x (A-) @ Cat's Paw, Bozeman MT - Really nice set, sound is good but a bit fuzzy at certain loud points. Not bad by any means. Get In Line! #36, Ants, Seek Up, BOWA, Jimi, True Reflections, Billies, STJL, Recently, Warehouse, Cry Freedom, Nancies, R&R, more...

11/25/94: 2 90 min. SBD/x (B+) @ Roseland Theatre, Portland OR - Get In Line, Jimi is really good, plus Seek Up, Say 'bye, BOWA, STJL, Warehouse, #36 and more... not bad, a little fuzzy but decent sound.

11/29/94: 2 90 min. SBD/x (A-) @ Good Times, Eugene OR - the first ever Rapunzel (jam only, no words) is on this tape... Dave says afterwards "thanks for letting us wack off a little..." ;-) It's cool as hell to hear it... plus Nancies, Warehouse, #36 with Craig from (e:), Recently, True Reflections, Ants, Jimi, Cry Freedom, more. Sound is pretty solid but some hiss and not superbly clear. And, a major bummer is it's missing the first 3 songs, Seek Up, BOWA and STJL. DAMN!

12/17/94: 2 90 min. SBD/4x (A) @ Trees, Dallas TX - Missing the first two songs (I've never seen a complete copy) but that's about the only thing wrong with this tape! Very solid, good crisp sound. Not perfect, a little hiss, but really nice. Nice set, first ever Let You Down (Dave Solo) and #36 with Craig from (e:) and Patrice Pike on guest vocals, plus STJL, Jimi, XMas Song, Nancies, LIOG, Jimi, Seek Up, Minarets, Say Goodbye, more! Even a little Proudest Monkey jam! good stuff!

12/28/94: 2 90 min. SBD/x (B+) @ Boutwell Auditorium, Birmingham AL - Coulda been an A show, but lotsa clicks/pops and some hiss, plus some cuts in a few songs... other than that, a sick Halloween, Jimi, #36, Recently and TwoStep. Filler incl. an old (late '94) NPR interview with Dave.

12/29/94: 2 90 min. SBD/1 (A+) @ Grady Cole Center, Charlotte NC - Straight off the Analog master. Sweet stuff, check it: #36 (opener!), early Proudest Monkey, Jimi, Recently, Ants, WWYS, Minarets, STJL, Warehouse, more! Filler is the opening band, From Good Homes.

12/31/94: 2 90 min. SBD(CD)/1 (A+) @ Marriott Ballroom, Richmond VA - NYE '94!! incl. the last time Get In Line was played... Superb stuff. A must have. One of my all time favorites. Warehouse, STJL, Ants, True Refl, Granny, #36, Recently, LIOG, BOWA, Two Step... ahhh... I now have this show on CD as well, and it sounds fantastic - but there are some source errors (slight pauses between songs, even when they segue) - so it's your call when it comes to the spin.

Notes: Ahhhh, '94. Probably my favorite DMB year. We had Get In Line, lots of #36's, SBD's all around. Seek Up became the epic saga it now is. Recently reached a pinnacle with the outros and intros. Proudest Monkey sprouted a little. But with the good comes the bad. DMB released a major label album, got real popular, and Bootleg CD's were very prominent. This led to the demise of the soundboard recording in '95.

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