OB's DMB Tapelist : 1993




Format - Date: # tapes / show length. SOURCE/Generation (quality) Venue, City State - Description...

1/19/93: 2 90 min. SBD/x (B+) @ Trax, C'ville, VA - Incl. Granny, OSW, PFWYG, LIOG, SMTS, Two Step, Help Myself, Blue Water, Angel, LLD, Recently, more. Great set, decent quality.

1/20/93: 2 90 min. SBD/x (A-) @ Floodzone, Richmond VA - Coulda been A+. Some hiss. Levels a bit uneven, just a tad unclear. Great, great set, Dave's in a lively mood, the jams are intense... Two Step, Recently (wow), Spotlight (dedicated to me! well, ok... some guy with the same name...) Halloween, Xmas Song, Angel, LIOG, Typical, Warehouse (Shortnin' Bread), PFWYG, Granny... ah.

1/26/93 : 2 100 min. DSBD-DAUD(matrix)/2 (A+) @ Trax, Ch'ville VA - Can you say "kick ass?" Superb quality. Great mix. Dave Solo Redemption Song; People People, Recently (wow wow), WWYS, Granny, Seek Up, Halloween, The Maker, Blue Water, Two Step, Warehouse (Shortnin' Bread)... and it goes on. The filler is excerpts from the soundcheck. Kristen Asbury guests on set II. This is a super, super show. (Often this is mislabled as 2/2/93 or partly as 8/4/92 - check your setlists)

1/30/93: 2 90 min. SBD/x (B+) @ Zollman's Pavillion, Lexington VA - Great set, sound kinda hissy and muffled. Good levels, just not real crisp. Spotlight, Seek Up, Granny, Halloween, Recently, Blue Water, Help Myself...

2/11/93: 2 90 min. SBD/4x (A-) @ Sigma Chi House, Chapel Hill NC - Great show... good sound, one or two songs are cut, but great stuff. Recently, Watchtower, a spacey jam, LIOG, Two Step, Granny, STJL, BOWA, Jimi, Help Myself... more.

3/6/93: 2 90 min. SBD/x (B) @ Kappa Sigma, Washington & Lee Universtiy, Lexington VA - A rare THREE SET show, yes, really! It's "Fancy Dress Night" at the frat... ha! Too bad the sound is low leveled, hissy and kinda not real great. But it's a great set: #34, OSW, Granny, The Maker, a kickass! Two Step, Blue Water, Halloween, Jimi, PFWYG, much more.

3/7/93: 90 min. DSBD/1 (A+) @ Floodzone, Richmond VA - Miguel Valdez benefit show: Tim R. guests throughout the show. Phab tunes and sound. R&R, OSW, Warehouse, Jimi, Granny, #34 and more! Throw in a couple other guest musicians on percussion, too (Minarets, True Refl). More amazing stuff from 'da Kooshman...

3/10/93: 90 min. SBD/x (B-) @ Floodzone, Richmond VA - Miguel Valdez Benefit show (another one) W/ Tim R, includes #34, Jimi, Granny, BOWA, PFWYG - Bass heavy, kinda fuzzy, not very goos.

3/12/93: 2 90 min. DSBD/3 (A) @ Athens GA - Kick ass. Very very nice. Funny stuff from the boys, too... SMTS is hillarious. (If you hear it, you'll know why.) Plus the 2001 Ants intro, Recently, Help Myself, OSW, Jimi, Granny, Seek Up, SJTL, True Refl., LIOG, Angel from Montg, and a rockin WWYS encore.

3/17/93: 2 90 min. SBD/3 (A) @ Floodzone, Richmond VA - Awesome show with Doug Wannamaker on the keys. #34, Recently, Granny, Halloween, Blue Water, R & R (the old funky way), much more...

3/23/93: 2 90 min. SBD/3x (A) @ Trax, C'Ville VA - BIG LEAGUE CHEW--Peter's Last Show - go HERE for the very amusing setlist - GREAT show. The show every single DMB trader should have.

3/24/93: 2 90 min. DSBD/4 (A) @ Floodzone, Richmond VA - The first show AFTER Peter left. Sweet, sweet show. Very clear, little hiss, nice! A couple dave solo tunes, incl. Two Step dedicated to Peter! Plus, The Maker, Granny, Seek Up, Recently, R & R, OSW, Jimi, PFWYG, STJL, more. Filler even includes Tangerine and Redemption Song, Dave solo!

4/22/93 Dave & Tim Reynolds : 2 90 min. DSBD-DAUD(matrix)/2 (A+) @ Prism Coffee House, Ch'ville VA - Wow. A mellow kinda vibe, as Dave explains he's real tired. But the quality is amazing. Incredible mix, great set - Recently, OSW, Granny, BOWA, PFWYG, LIOG, STJL, Help Myself, Two Step, Xmas Song, Angel, a couple Tim songs, more... The filler is from 10/31/92 and it is even better than the show itself. Its the whole band and they go off with guest Kristen Asbury on the best ever Halloween (jam!), WWYS, Spotlight, SMTS, Blue Water, Nancies... This is creamy stuff.

5/27/93: 100 min. DSBD-DAUD(matrix)/2 (A) @ Ch'ville Performing Arts Center, Ch'ville VA - A short show, but sweet nonetheless. Granny, OSW, Help Myself, PFWYG, Xmas Song, Recently, LIOG, and Stream & Tree of Life (I have never seen this on any other show) by Tim. Great sound.

6/9/93: 90 min. SBD/x (B+) @ Floodzone, Richmond VA - Sweet Home Alabama! and Tangerine, STJL, Minarets, plus a crazily funny conversation between Dave & Carter. Some hiss, really wish it sounded better overall.

7/6/93: 90 min. SBD/x (A-) @ Trax, Ch'ville VA - Greg Howard fills in for Stefan on Bass, great set, sound is... ok. All is here except for a Halloween, includes Heathcliff's Haiku Warriors, really early Say 'bye (Any Noise/Anti Noise), a song and some jams by Greg, Recently, BOWA, Nancies, much more.

8/31/93: 2 90 min. DSBD/1 (A+) @ Trax, Ch'ville VA - Hooowhee! Sweet, sweet show. Check it - STJL, LIOG, OSW, Help Myself, DOOBIE THING -> Ants, Granny, Recently, True Refletions, PFWYG -> Seekup (yes, really), Warehouse and more. PLUS some sweet Dave solo filler (Granny, Seek Up, R&R, Ants). PLUS a sweet soundcheck R&R and crazy jam, PLUS Nancies and Spotlight (with Peter) from a studio session as filler. Dig it. The levels of the show itself peak just a little low on the dB, so there is a touch of hiss. You saw the setlist, do you care?

9/16/93: 90 min. SBD/x (A-) @ Fox Theatre, Boulder CO - Doobie Thing! Its sweet... this is a good tape, its very clear mostly but has a few quirks so that I can't really call it A. but its good... a great Granny, OSW, Warehouse, Nancies, PFWYG, Recently, STJL... more. Its an incomplete show, I only have 5 songs of the second set, missing probably 5 or 6 more. doh!

10/26/93: 2 90 min. SBD/4x (A) @ Trax, C'Ville VA - Good stuff, Dave solo on 5 songs, incl. Say Goodbye & Watchtower, plus everybody on Jimi, Help Myself, LIOG, Blue Water, Halloween... a bit bottom heavy, but solid sound.

11/2/93: 2 90 min. DSBD/3x (A+) @ Trax, C'ville VA - What a great, great show. Its Carter's Birthday! You also get Richard Hardy on flute and sax as a guest. There's Doobie Thing, a birthday jam, one of the best ever LIOG, a funky R & R, Say Goodbye solo TWICE, Granny, and yes, there's more! The sound is very very solid, but with some hiss, and there's a chunk of the solo R&R that's mysteriously missing (only maybe 10 seconds). I also have this show on CD, straight from DAT, but... there are some other flaws and edits that aren't as complete as my taped copy. It sounds perfect though, and I can spin either.

11/10/93: 2 90 min. SBD/x (B+) @ Floodzone, Richmond VA - REMEMBER TWO THINGS release show... nothing too great though (tape quality) - nice set! Tangerine & Redemption Song solo, plus SJTL, OSW(w/intro), LIOG, Granny, Jimi-->Seek Up, WWYS & Christmas Song, more...

11/11/93: 90 min. DSBD/3 (A) @ Pearl Street, Northampton, MA - shweet lil show opening up for ARU, includes OSW, Granny, Help Myself, LLD, Ants, Warehouse, Recently, Billies, Minarets and Satellite. Great sound.

11/13/93: 2 90 min. SBD/x (A-) @ Trinity College, Hartford CT - Very clear and tight sound, but the bass is low in the mix and there's some hiss. The highlight of the show is the soundcheck jam which is included! No idea what it is, if its even a DMB song, but its phat! In the show: Granny, Blue Water, Jimi --> Seek Up, more!

12/2/93: 2 100 min. SBD/3x (A-) @ Va. Tech, Blacksburgh VA - This show is kick ass. It includes my all time personal favorite version of Say Goodbye. Plus... Granny, Help Myself, LIOG, Halloween, WWYS, more and more... the filler is phenomenal - Heathcliff's..., Any/Anti Noise, After Her, Recently w/ Nature intro, Get In Line, #36, much more.

12/7/93: 2 90 min. DSBD/1 (A+) @ Trax, Ch'ville VA - Tim Reynolds guests with DMB. This one has DIDO (solo), #36, OSW, STJL, Billies, Help Myself, Jimi, Two Step, Warehouse, and a CRAZY kick ass jam by Tim and Carter. Wow! Say Goodbye (just Dave & Tim) also! Nice. Long live Koosh. This only spills over a few songs onto tape 2, filler is a couple Beck songs (2/14/97) and some phat Ben Harper from 4/6/98.

12/8/93: 2 90 min. DSBD/0 (DAT->CD) (A+) @ Floodzone, Richmond VA - Tim Reynolds guests with the whole band in this show. Billies, Nancies, Granny, a kickass Tim/Carter jam, STJL, OSW, True Reflections, IBYU, Say 'bye, #36, Seek Up, Xmas Song, Ants, and more! Straight from Koosh's DAT to the CD-R, and it's so damn phat. The show only spills over 4 songs onto tape 2, when put it onto tape so there is lots of room for filler (50 min). I CANNOT trade CD-R's so don't ask.

12/12/93 Dave & Tim Reynolds: 2 90 min. SBD/3x (A) @ Jefferson Theatre, Ch'Ville VA - Incl. several jammin' Tim Songs, OSW, Xmas Song, Help Myself, Ants, LIOG, Say Goodbye... plus filler from 7/7/93 with guest Greg Howard. Great quality.

12/31/93: 2 90 min. SBD/4x (A) @ Marriott, Richmond VA - NYE '93!! Granny, #36, WWYS, Xmas Song, Recently, Jimi-Seek Up, Tri-Poetics rip it up on True Reflections jam, nice! Much more... solid sound, great show.

Notes: A great year! More and more fans, and from places other than Virginia...they began touring outside of the home state. Stayed basically on the East Coast though. Peter left the group and as a result, the band became much tighter. Their first album was released, Remember Two Things. New songs were still coming often and you could hear them evolve, a la Say Goodbye from the latter part of the year. #34, #36, (what would become) Proudest Monkey, Doobie Thing - they all were debuted this year. DMB signed to RCA finally, after a period of much "courting" by the label... legend has it that they signed the contracts the day that RTT came out. A massive NYE show continued the bigass NYE concert tradition they had started in '92 (perhaps '91?).

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