OB's DMB Tapelist : 1992




Format - Date: # tapes / show length. SOURCE/Generation (quality) Venue, City State - Description...

5/26/92: 90 min. (B-) @ Trax, Ch'ville VA - Great set, but the levels on this one are really low, and there's a good amount of hiss. The sound itself is near decent. Side B is a bit better than side A for some strange reason. Too bad, cuz here's what's on it: People People, The Maker, Blue Water, Two Step, OSW, Help Myself, LLD, Spotlight, STJL, SMTS, BOWA and more... I would really like a better copy, and a complete one at that.

Summer '92 Demo Tape: 90 min. Studio/x (B+) - Recorded in the studio, somewhere in VA no doubt... with Peter. Decent sound, but lots of hiss and the sound is muffled. But they're studio cuts so they're cool. Plus they do some of the songs more than once (a bit different every time) and there is : Minarets (2), Spotlight, Ants (2), SJTL, BOWA, Nancies (3), Warehouse, Billies (2), OSW, True Refl. (2) ... more.

7/8/92:2 90 min. SBD/x (B+) @ Trax, C'ville VA - Not bad...hiss, ok levels, decent sound, set II is a bit muffled. Great solo and very early versions of Seek Up and DI, DO (possible debuts for both) plus OSW, Lover Lay Down, Two Step, Blue Water, STJL, Spotlight, more...

7/31/92: 2 90 min. DSBD/1 (A+) @ Trax, Ch'ville VA - WoW. Check this shit out. Here's the entire setlist: Soundcheck - BOWA, Set 1 - LIOG (Dave solo), IBYU (Dave & Stefan), DI,DO (Dave solo), Angel (Dave & Boyd), Help Myself, Watchtower, Ants, Jimi, Minarets, Blue Water, OSW, Satellite, True Refl, Billies, Set 2 - Nancies, Two Step, Spotlight, LLD, an amazing free for all Jam!, Typ Sit, WWYS and for the encore : a kickass Recently complete with Norwegian Wood and Some People Do intros (yes, this is a '92 show!) WoWOwoW! Straight off the DAT. Primo.

8/4/92: 2 90 min. DSBD-DAUD(matrix)/2-1 (A+) @ Trax, C'ville VA - GREAT show. Amazing fucking show. DI,DO (soundcheck), 1st set - Two Step, WWYS, Billies, BOWA, LLD, Nancies, SMTS, more. 2nd set - DI,DO, Ants, Recently, Angel, EXODUS, People People, Warehouse, more - there is some digital noise in the second set, but its infrequent. Quality is primo. And... the filler even includes DMB's only cover of "Eyes of the World" (Grateful Dead) and some killer Ben Harper. The first set is 2nd gen. Second set is 1st gen. (straight off the DAT) got that?

9/11/92 Dave Solo: 90 min. SBD/x (B) @ DKE House, C'ville VA - The famous DKE house show. Spotlight, the little penis-on-the-hand song, a funky blues song that no one seems to know the name of, some great Davespeak, plus the filler has Any noise/Anti-Noise (early Say Goodbye) and more. Sound a bit muffled, scratchy and some hiss.

9/30/92: 2 90 min. SBD/x (A-) @ - Great show, w/o Peter and w/Miguel Valdez, this is an acoustic show cuz Carter hurt his hand. Really cool low key but still groovy show. Good sound, some hiss, but nice for 92. Two Step, Recently, Jimi, Exodus!, Me & Julio! and Drive In, Drive Out highlight the show.

10/31/92: Set I Only - DSBD/2 90 min. (A+) @ Trax, C'ville VA - SET II, ANYONE?! This show features Kristen Asbury, Richard Hardy and Miguel Valdez in different spots, and is completely phat. The DEBUT of Halloween!!! And PFWYG, WWYS, LIOG, BOWA, Spotlight, Nancies, Help Myself, Blue Water, SMTS, True Reflections and even more... aww yeah.

11/3/92: 100 min. SBD/x (A-) @ Trax, C'ville VA - The infamous Election Night Show. Actually, the first side of this tape is really good, A quality, but the B side is lower leveled and not as good. Funny. Kinda hissy on both sides though. Great set, Warehouse just goes nutty in the middle, plus The Maker, Halloween, Two Step (wow), STJL, SMTS, PFWYG, True Refl. and more.

11/11/92: 90 min. SBD/x (A) @ Trax, C'ville VA - Really good quality, great for '92. Some hiss, though. Short show, all here - incl. Spotlight, a Boyd jam, Halloween, Jimi, WWYS, more!

11/17/92: 2 90 min. SBD/x (B- & A-) @ Trax, C'ville VA - Possibly the first ever Granny (played twice, even) Angel From Montgomery, great Me & Julio as well as Two Step, Warehouse, IBYU, much more. Volume and quality on set 1 is markedley lower than the second. I would love a complete, HQ copy.

12/22/92: 2 90 min. DSBD/1 (A+) - Trax, C'ville VA - WoW. wOw. Look out... can you say, infuckingcredible? Great sound, great set, includes 5 soundcheck songs! Check this out: Granny, Spotlight, Angel From Montg, WWYS, STJL, Typ Sit, True Refl, The Maker, Help Myself, Blue Water (and that's just the first tape!) Plus! Two Step, LLD, Halloween, LIOG, PFWYG, OSW, more...great great show. This seems to be rare, too. Yeeha! Straight off the DAT d'Koosh.

12/23/92: 2 90 min. SBD/x (B+) @ Floodzone, Richmond VA - Some good stuff from the boys, with Peter. Some cuts here and there though. Low levels too. but you get Help Myself, Recently, Blue Water, Warehouse...more. Filler has 8/21/91.

12/31/92: 2 100 min. DSBD/2 (A) @ Omni Hotel, Richmond VA - Great, great show. Seek Up solo (sweet, although a bit is cut in the beginning), Two Step, WWYS, PFWYG, OSW, Angel, Cry Freedom, SMTS, Ants, Minarets->Blue Water, Granny, Halloween, LLD, IBYU, much more... some nice Dead filler as well.

Notes: '92, oh the old days. DMB began to really grow musically, and the fan base grew as well. They began playing weekly gigs regularly at Trax and the Floodzone. New songs emerged often. Jams were long and hard. Setlists were unpredictable. Crazy days...

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