OB's DMB Tapelist : 1991




Format - Date: # tapes / show length. SOURCE/Generation (quality) Venue, City State - Description...

Quad (aka Rutabaga) Studios (1991): 90 min. Dave solo, demo sessions (not live). SBD(studio)/x (A-) The famous demo tape. Great stuff, a MUST have. Incl. After Her (Satellite), 11 more. Some great acoustic Dave & Tim filler.

8/21/91: 45 min. SBD/x (B) @ Trax, Ch'ville VA - A very very early show. Sound levels a bit off and hiss. But - Hey Joe, You Won't See Me, Sympathy for the Devil (cut) and the ABC Jam, all songs you probably won't find anywhere else. Plus Amazing Grace by Boyd and Cry Freedom to boot. This is filler on 12/23/92 and on 10/4/95, minus Cry Freedom.

10/22/91: 90 min. SBD/x (B+) @ Trax, Ch'ville VA - Kinda not a good recording, judging it against most others, but you can see some of the early rawness of the band. The first ever Spotlight (says Dave), Exodus, Me & Julio, People People, WWYS, Angel, Recently, STJL, BOWA, Warehouse... Probably incomplete, but a complete show also does not probably exist!

Notes: Not much to say about '91, don't know much about it! We do know the boys were just starting to gel as a group. Boyd joined sometime this year. Lots of studio work, trying to get together a demo tape.

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