DMB 6/4/99

Dave Matthews Band

6/4/99 @ Starlake Ampitheatre - Burggetstown, PA


What Would You Say
Last Stop
So Much To Say --> jam -->
Too Much
Seek Up
PNP -> Rapunzel
Recently (cut!!)
Don't Drink The Water
Rhyme & Reason
Drive In, Drive Out
Always (#40) Tease
Ants Marching

This show was much better than Philly's show, which wasn't bad by any means... maybe I felt more comfortable with my good friend Jay (former Purdue roommate and all around groovy dude), so I was being a little more active in the "dance like a buffoon" category. hehe. Plus we had better seats, better sound, and fewer people... and more room to shake one's booty. Jay seemed to have a pretty good time, so I was happy about that. He's not a DMB fan by any means, and had never seen them play... but he was more than psyched to go to the show. He's a real open minded guy. :-) The setlist was a lot different, which was GREAT, so it was groovy. I didn't see the setlist from the first night until afterwards, so I didn't have a clue to what they had or hadn't played, so I was pleasantly surprised by a lot of what we heard. Unfortunately we didn't get there as early as we wanted to, and I missed half of Everything's set, but what I heard was great! Part of Ladybug, Hooch, Good Thing and Overflow(!). Shweet. The only thing that really bugged me about the show was that Recently was ended after the first breakdown, about 10 min before the real end of the song! They just played that last chord out like it was over, and I about lost my mind. Damnit.

The parking lot was a DISASTER!!! oh my gosh! We walked around for about 45 minutes just to FIND the car! wow! Then we just sat and watched people sit in their cars in the line for another hour and a half, at least... and then when the line finally moved, we got going... only to take another 2 hours to travel about 20 miles. We got back about 3 am and he only lives 20 min away! hah! It was crazy... and the whole time, I'm just freaking about my car because it had been acting up. doh.

But check this out first - Jay works at a mortuary. Yep, really. He does communications for them, and mostly is basically building this big-ass website for them. But it's a mortuary! hehe... so I got there, and he was finishing up this thing and was trying to find some packing material to mail a box... so we had to go "downstairs" to find some. hehehe... downstairs, where the "casket warehouse" is, and the crematory, and "the fridge". Oh yes. So we go down there, and I meet a couple guys he knows... one says "oh go ahead and look in there, there's nobody lying around." That's a direct quote!! ;-) I saw all the stuff, the crematory is wicked, thank goodness nobody was being done that day... whoa. Jay has seen people in there. Freaky!! And then, while talking to these guys, Jay mentions I'm visiting and we're going to the DMB show tonight, right... and then one of them mentions something about "oh that's gonna be fun, you know they haven't found those two guys yet..." and I'm like... what?! And it turns out, this is scarily true... that there were two people (college aged kids) kidnapped and presumed killed that were last seen around the area of the ampitheatre... in fact, along the road (the ONLY road) that leads to the venue! So we thought we might have some problems getting there on time, expecting police activiy along the road... Well, there was a little, but a little goes a long way.

So we're haulin' down the highway on the way to the show... traffic wasn't so bad, but there was road construction (joy)... and we come along the highway at this one point (and ya know, PA is pretty hilly for the most part) and on one side of the road there are some big trucks parked and a decent amount of people just kinda hangin' out... (turns out it was the PRESS!) because across the road there was a team of officers, quite *literally* combing the hillside! They were in a line across, all looking at the ground and walking up the hill-side of the road... it was like in a movie!! We saw a picture of this very thing in the paper the next day... they had found the bodies of the two kids about 90 minutes before we passed by... and they were looking for evidence! WOW!! So that was fun.

oh, my car! Yeah, well nothing went wrong at all the entire way (except the brakes were a little squeaky, but not near as loud as the Philly trip) - um... until I got into town, and was on the on-ramp for a big bridge (that led to a big tunnel!) and the car just up and DIED. And this is practically down- town Pittsburgh, and it's late afternoon! And it was a problem I'd never experienced before... and I'm still not sure what quite happened... Because it started back up after a few minutes of chillin'. I freaked! I think it's electrical, cuz I had some sketchy power readings... and of course by then the brakes were making more noise than EVER... and Jay's brother had already gotten the car that night (Jay doesn't actually have his own car, doh!) So... we had to take my car on the whole trip, so I was buggin out later... hehe. But I made it home... no real problems, and the squeaking STOPPED by the time I hit Lewisburg! hahaa... whew... and I had a good time hangin' with Jay. His mom is all about making sure I have enough food. aww yeah.

Peace - Chris

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