DMB 5/20/99

Dave Matthews Band

5/20/99 @ Veterans Stadium - Philadelphia, PA


Two Step
Rhyme & Reason
Seek Up
PNP -> Rapunzel
Don't Drink The Water
Crash Into Me
Tripping Billies
Long Black Veil
True Reflections
Ants Marching

Alrighty, the first show of the summer... my good pallie Erin was supposed to come over for this one, but she was coming from Chicago... even though she'd come from Purdue a couple times before, she decided she wasn't too keen on making the drive by herself. She had planned on getting a cheap air fare I guess, but couldn't get any when she finally went looking... no train, no bus, no Erin. doh. I still haven't seen her since August of '98. So I asked Laura Marie Jansen... She's been harping me severely about not meeting me in person forever... so I gave her the opportunity. ;-p We've known each other online for awhile, so it was cool to finally meet her. Plus, she was all hyped to meet Matt Sherman, too.... So she made it here in plenty of time, and all was kosher.

That is, until I made the trip plan... because I picked the absolute worst roads you can travel on in Central PA and expect to make reasonable time. I was trying to avoid having to use the toll road because it was completely out of the way, directionally... but don't let geometry fool you, the quickest way is not always a straight line! We left around 3:15, expecting it to take a little over 2.5 hours... it's like 160 miles (which is a little longer than I initially thought, too). But, the stop-go-stop-go-stop-go roads and some nasty traffic and construction... wow, we got there about 8:15! So... we missed The Roots and Santana completely, but arrived about 15 min before DMB went on. So all was not lost. ;-p I was pretty bummed we missed The Roots, but that's a funny story, too...

My car's brakes had been a little squeaky prior to the show, but it was kinda off and on... and of course the whole way there and back, they just squeeled like a little girl. And that shit was LOUD. I was so embarrased... she didn't seem to mind all that much. I am ashamed of my Little Red Piece of Shit.

We met up with Sherm, so that wasn't a bust... The seats weren't horrible, but much like the Roanoke show last year, the sound was fairly inconsistent (at least for the first half of the show). We were pretty sharply at an angle off to the right... never saw Roi the whole night, except for on the screens, which were nice. Butch was on keys, Bela on banjo, hehe, and those lovely back up singers! That was great! And I'm being serious, I enjoyed them. Seek Up, Rapunzel, Two Step, Warehouse, Stay, who's complaining? True Reflections, only my second and first since my very first show in '96. Cool. I finally heard Long Black Veil... it's really, really boring (hah!) but I loved Carter's tribal-freaky drum part and the nice Roi solo. Satellite blah, Crash Into blah, Ants... only one encore!? :-) Not my fave show, but by far not my least fave. :-) That piano jam that Butch had at the end of Seek Up was worth the price alone.

I found out later via the Roots' website that Tariq (The Roots' lead MC and co-founder who has been with them since '87 and who has only missed three shows since then) missed that show! Doh... he was taking a limo, fell asleep, and the limo driver didn't know which way to go and they ended up in Delaware somewhere! hahaa... so he didn't even make it. It probably wasn't very good, then... so it was ok that we missed it. ;-) That's what I keep telling myself.

Peace - Chris

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