DMB 12/5/96

Dave Matthews Band

12/5/96 @ Joyce Center, Notre Dame, IN


Seek Up
Two Step
Tripping Billies
Say Goodbye
Lie In Our Graves
Help Myself
Jimi Thing
So Much To Say -->
Little Baby Jam -->
Too Much
Typical Situation
Ants Marching
Christmas Song
Dancing Nancies

My post to Nancies after the show:
Lots has been posted. I'll add a bit, some of the little things. I saw Dave staring at Carter, in awe, in the beginning of Say Goodbye, he was just standing off to the side of Carter's kit, bobbing his head. Later, during a little drum break, (during help myself?) I saw Dave "air-drum" with his fists, to Carter's playing. That was cool. Dave seemed to be in a real good mood, he walked on stage first and kinda saundered around. During Jimi, he would change up the chorus parts a little by adding emphasis or changing the tone. I thought that was cool that he mixed it up a bit.

Leroi! Nobody mentioined him? He didnt really show up till #41, but 41, Say Goodbye, Jimi, Typical, Leroi shined on all. He didnt play a lot, but when he did, he was ON. My seats were 8th row, directly in front of Leroi. He just kinda stared into the crowd most of the time, or was checking his horns, and I caught him jawing with the road crew a few times too. Some guy a couple rows ahead of me kept giving him a peace sign, hoping Roi would give it back. Nah.

Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise... WOW. I was completely surprised. They were GREAT. Mr Bradley has great stage presence, he got the crowd going... "one time for the ladies... one time for the meeeen!" Ahhh yeah. The bass player was CRACKING me up. Looked like Travis from Buzzkill doing an imitation of Chris Robinson from Black Crowes. ha! I bought their CD too, its pretty cool.

My seats were right next to 3 40-something women... they were having a great time, one of em started smoking "something" about one minute into Seek Up... oh, jeez. Didnt really dance, but they were into it. funny.

Seek Up and Two Step BOTH had some "new?" funky outros to them. Hadnt heard them before, loved em. And does the little baby jam kick my ass or what! Before Jimi, Dave played a little riff that I didnt recognize. It was definitely something I hadnt heard before Jimi. Anybody else remember that? Recognize it? It was kinda cool, then it changed and slowly evolved into Jimi. ???

The endings to Minarets and Typical were different than when I saw them in Indy this summer. I like the Typical ending, the Minarets I kept waiting for Dave to sing, "Oh oh oh oh oh oh ... yeah!" but he never did. Whatsup with Nancies being the last song? I mean, I love it, people know it, its great. But its no showstopper. Or is that just me?

The crowd was very very vocal, but not annoying. Its scary when you can hear 8,000 people sing along exactly with Two Step. But at the end of Ants until Dave came back, there was this deafening "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey" like at the beginning of a kickoff at a college football game. No "Dave Dave Dave!" and... why does everybody and their mother just HAVE to be in the ailse during Ants? I dont get it. That made me mad, cuz I had an ailse seat. And this group of guys in front of me had to jump up and down during all of the up-tempo songs, and they were kicking chairs all over the place, like on me. Controlled moshing, I call it.

And I hate to jump on the bandwagon, but the setlist disappointed me. I mean, I saw them in Indy, their only other Indiana date, and the first four songs at both shows were the same. We did get Say Goodbye and Help Myself, LIOG, and Typical... but what? No BOWA, recently, STJL, PFWYG, GRANNY! #36 at either show? Damn. I had high hopes going in. Kinda bummed me out. Woulda pissed my pants if they played half of those. Maybe I'm just being selfish. Xmas song was cool, but you knew it was coming.

The absolute highlight of my night was getting to meet fellow nancies Jeff and Matt. Y'all are some cool people. MATT CAMP, you were there and didnt tell me! Whatsup with that? Write me man!

Oh yeah, glad to hear " we dance away..." too. By the way, I attended the show with my ex-girlfriend, so that was interesting... and going to pick her up (Auburn->Kokomo->South Bend?!) I accidentally left the headlights on my dad's car(!) while I took a nap... doh! Had to get a jump. heh.

Peace - Chris

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