Check it, check it. Dillys rock the house. All of the following songs were recorded on 12/22/97 during the inital "Segway" sessions. They are completely and unapologetically live.

Louie, Louie
This just kinda happened. It's funky as hell, Craig on the wah-wah and OB doing whatever he can to keep up. The beginning we planned, the end we didn't - but it's cool as hell.

Summer Of '69
Bryan Adams would be proud... Hoff doesn't quite nail it, but it's close. I actually consider it quite tolerable. OB on the "woo!"

Don't Tell Me-->Jenny/867-5309
Cool-ass Van Halen jam and a slight Segway into Jenny and some painful singing from Mr. Hoff. I'm sorry.

You Shook Me All Night Long -> Back In Black
No vocals on this one, just pure ol' skool AC/DC (with a self-Segway!), DillyStyle. Quite possibly the first songs we ever actually played that remotely resembled the originals.

Proud Mary-->Down On The Corner
One of our now universally famous Segways. Chris Hoff on lead "vocals" with Craig and OB doing backups.

Signs, signs... everywhere are signs. Tesla did this tune justice. We just do it, and barely. Chris Hoff on vocals again, with OB and Craig shoutin' in the background at opportune moments.

Cold Gin
This huge clip is the last part of the infamous Kiss MegaMixx, and the jam is unreal. Hoff wails. We rock. You enjoy.

I Still Love You
Another section of the MegaMixx (part 2/3), this one is wilder than Cold Gin. Well, maybe. Hoff definitely wails even more... and you gotta hear it just to test your eardrum's threshold for pain.

These are songs from the CD, but were recorded at earlier jam sessions than the SegWay demos.

All Day & All Of The Night
This little jam is great fun. It was a completely one-time thing, as Craig just busted it out one day. Our near-telepathic capabilities led me to directly come in with the boom-bap.

Talk Dirty To Me
This was almost a one-time thing as well, but we did it later with Hoff to see if he could handle it. Nope. So we provide you with the best version, sans-vocals. Colossal drum fills in this one.

Runnin' With The Devil
This jam has Craig throwing in some vocals (for the first and last time!). Dig the nice breakdown - it was completely unplanned. Another Van Halen classic, revisited.

Come Out & Play (Keep 'Em Separated)
Someone who can sing! Sorta. Maybe. Rory steps up with vocals but stumbles with the lyrics.

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