Dog's Eye View

9/26/97 @ 9:30 Club, Washington D.C.

First of all, I was planning on getting a tape of the show, courtesy of a friend of mine with a DAT and access to some GREAT mics, so I was really looking forward to getting there early and everything... I even emailed (what I thought was) Peter's AOL account and asked him what he thought about taping and if it was cool and everything. I didn't get a reply though, and Eric Tobias (DEV page webmaster) and a couple others (DEV BBS) told me that they were usually cool with it, so I planned on getting there well in time to talk to the sound guy and get the good word. is the case with making long roadtrips and going to places you've never gone... me and my party got a little lost. But, we ended up where we wanted to go (a hotel in DC) about 10:30, and DEV were scheduled to go on about 11... so it was good, for the time being... but then my friend with the DAT didn't show up on time, either (we were coming from different places) and THEN, it took us about an hour just to get together all the people and get ready to leave... (a whole nother story in its own right - check out Nancies vs D.C.)

We finally get to the club around 12 and the guys were already on for nearly an hour... and we arrive to the opening chords of Homecoming Parade.

We make it in (after not having to pay, they stopped selling tickets before we got in and since it was so late in the show, they just let us in. Nice!) We meet up with friends who had been there for the whole show and set up shop for the rest of the evening, settled nicely right in front of the soundboard. (I asked the soundguy if there was any merchandise and he said they sold out, which is cool I guess!) Anyway...this is what I heard:

Homecoming Parade
Speed of Silence
E: Umbrella
What For

Homecoming Parade was just rockin'... the end was intense, Peter's face was just red as hell and he was so into it. Very nice. Haywire was incredible.. I don't know how long it was, but it went on for quite a while... and toward the end, Peter put down his quitar and looked at the crowd, who started clapping and he made a "shh" motion with his finger up to his lips and made his way into the middle of the crowd! He starts singing a capella and I made my way closer to where he was, he's so short though, it was hard to see him! and the people were just being rude and talking a lot, even the ones that were right by him in the crowd... but it was hard to hear him, regardless. Too bad all the people there weren't there JUST to see them. Then they might have paid more attention. Anyway... it was amazing... he got back up on stage, and said right away "y'all are a bunch of rude fuckers..." hahahaha! Of course in a mildly sarcastic way... :-)

Then we get to Speed of Silence, which is one of my favorites - I about lost it when he introduced it. It was incredible, as well... they really jammed out the end. Peter got up on the high speaker (like probably 7-8 feet) and jumped down on the stage at the end... damn, it took him awhile to get up, I thought he might have hurt himself! (more on that later...) So then they go off... and I'm clapping my ass off and they finally come back for the encore. Umbrella was beautiful... and then What For - I was so happy to hear that, I had just found it on the CD Extra about a week earlier and thought it would be great live, and it was. Another intense rockin' tune. Peter's just so into the show... its contagious.

Anyway... so the show is over, a couple of our group leaves to get their car and the rest of us (about 7 I think) are just chillin... I looked over the board after the guy left and snagged his copy of the setlist. And I noticed first of all, that Bulletproof and Bleeding was listed in the place of Umbrella - anyway. I was pretty psyched to have that. And then my friend John looks at me and he's like.. um... why are we still here? So I explain to him that Peter is known to come out and chill with people after shows, so I told him I'd like to wait a few minutes, and he was way cool about it.

So, then about 2 minutes later... here comes Peter from back stage... so I took off right toward him. I got up to him and extended my hand, we shook, I said Hi Peter, amazing show, my name's Chris.
His reply?
"Chris Oberlin?"
"I just emailed you!"

Ok, by that time I had to pick my jaw up off the floor... damn. He told me he hadn't checked his email in a while but he had just replied to me earlier that day. Apparently, he actually left my name at the door with the security to have them let me in with a recorder if there was a problem. Shit! He went out of his way to do that... wow. What a guy. So I asked him a few things, like why Umbrella, but no Bulletproof? He said something about the crowd not deserving it... hehe... something about being kinda rude. I asked him about the big jump during Speed, he said he was ok, but earlier in the tour he did hurt his knee. I asked him "Whats up with the hair man?" with a grin and he said "I don't know, it just keeps growing" with another grin. I also asked about What For and why it was hidden and if he had any choice in that kind of decision... he said that "they wanted a hidden track, and we thought, you know, what the hell..." He asked a bunch of us where we were from and some other stuff...

So... I then remembered the setlist and pulled it out of my pocket and asked my man Fenter for a pen... which he didn't have (not that I expected him to) and then Peter pulls out a sharpie (he comes prepared)... so he signed the setlist for me with this note :
"Chris : sorry you didn't get a boot. see you soon, thanks for not talking through the show - PS."

Cool, cool!
He shook hands and chatted with a couple of the other peoples in our group and he was just the nicest, coolest guy you could imagine. I told him I was looking forward to the Crows/DEV show in Penn St. and we shook hands again and that was pretty much it. (Or so far as I can remember.) Rock and roll.

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