Dog's Eye View

10/25/97 @ Bryce Jordan Center, State College, PA


Falling In Place
Prince's Favorite Son
What I Know Now
Goodbye to Grace
Last Letter Home
Everything Falls Apart
Speed of Silence
Haywire (with Charlie from CC on keys)

Ok, I got to the show way early cuz I had a Gen Admin floor ticket and I coulda got there two seconds before DEV started and woulda still had a great view... maybe 1/3 of the floor was filled. And the seats on the side weren't that packed either... too bad really. But! I was only about 20 feet away when DEV played and they were as per usual, having a great time. Adam came out to introduce them and said "you guys are really going to love them, they are a great band!" I think I actually saw Peter blush. heh. Highlights for me were Goodbye To Grace and Prince's Favorite Son... really nice. Haywire was especially nice, as well. Peter told the crowd they would go out drinking with them after the show... and asked where to go. Some people up front said "the Crowbar!" so he said, "See ya at the Crowbar" so I was thinking... damn, I need to find the Crowbar. Anyway... some idiot behind me was yelling "Play the song we know!" a zillion times, and then of course, they played Everything Falls Apart and then he starts screaming "ok, leave! go!"
And I swear, I have never, ever seen a more stoic crowd at any other concert I have been to, 'cept maybe for the Ft. Wayne IN Philharmonic. :-) Seriously, these kids just were not into any kind of movement... they clapped and hollered alright in between songs, but I'm getting my groove on during DEV's set and I look around and (mostly) everyone else is just standing there. Too bad. Even for the Crows, they only really started moving when Adam was yelling "Get on up!"

Here's the set for CC if you're interested:
RTS, AoS, RainKing, Anna, CiB, HYSML?, : Mercury, Catapult, Mr. Jones, Omaha, HYSML? : Round Here, Daylight, Murdur of One
E: Sullivan Street, Wiseblood, Long December

They probably played Walkaways after A Long December, but by that time I was feeling so damn crappy that I had to leave... Yeah, thats the bum part - somewhere between DEV and the acoustic part of CC I started getting a massive migraine, and all plans to stay and hang out and meet the boys in the band(s) were foiled - I just wanted to get my ass home and into my bed. I met up with a couple people from the CC list before the show and they were real nice. I wished I coulda hung out with them after the show, as planned... doh! Next time...

I did manage to buy a DEV t-shirt, it has the daisy flower with the name of the band written accross it on the front of the shirt (nothing on back) and they had another shirt that had the drawing of the dog with the word Daisy underneath it and DEV above it. They were giving away free DEV stickers too! woohoo! I only managed to get two though. I wish they would have had a better shirt selection, but that'll happen when you're the opening act...

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