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It's been almost 2 full years since I got the OB tapes to start burning them... I worked on a couple and made complete CD copies of them through my computer's burner, but the quality was less than great. I decided to put it off until I got a stand-alone burner, which I got a few months ago... so I'll be working on this again, for real, and have them done ASAP. [3/04]

A few years ago, I'd finished mastering another CD to be released in late spring, eh... summer, uhhh... maybe sometime in '99 (make that 2000 - wait 2001) entitled Second Bestos, basically another "hits" collection of the jams that didn't make the original As Bestos, plus a bonus track. Yup, yup - Volume 2 was on the way... That is, until that whole fire thing. Initially, I had planned on putting all OB albums on CD (the tapes were already beginning to deteriorate before they melted). But luckily, Stan got ahold of all his OB tapes (he has all the albums, plus the 2Dope live EP) and he finally sent them, so now I'll begin working on getting them burned. It'll take awhile, but they'll all then be digital. And because I'm so anal, I have all the pictures of the tape covers I designed for them, and can put those on the CD covers. The quality will be a little lessened due to the generational loss, but it should be decent. I just thank God he kept them all! [5/02]

And did I mention I rapped on Talk Soup!? [2/9/99]

Well... there ain't shit going on in OB land these days. During the summer of '96 and throughout '97 I started several songs, including: I Get High, Throughout Ya Section, Remorse/Regrets... and the album was to be called After Life, but it's about as stalled as a '73 Plymouth in Marquette, MI. I don't know what the hell happened... but once I graduated from Purdue, not only did I lose studio time, I lost the desire to write songs. I still had a shitload of beats to use, and once in awhile I'd think of a particular rhythm pattern for a lyric (like in class one day, trying to avoid sleeping), and I'd write something down... but it ended there. No motivation. Maybe I just used up all my ideas, I mean I wrote all those damn songs in 4 years. I'm sure it also had a little to do with the fact that hip-hop doesn't really move me as much. Nobody's coming out with any good product, and those that do, don't do it that often.

Actually, here is one of the last things I wrote - some of it is kinda clever, but it's nothing spectacular. No beat in particular, just vibin'... And I have no idea what it means.

Five Seconds (written on 2/13/98 in Psych 215)

Ricochet display, five second delay
I come with more tunes than tiny and more nuts than days pay
see, I grip a two-third just like a one-half
and then I take the power to the fifth just like I'm failing in math
so I stay, at home with bones barely singin'
even though I'm always looking for a girl who's bacon bringin'
detect the smoke alarm, I definitely see a flame
I got my mind made up, and now it's wrapped around my brain
so long as I can do it, I stick with the base
the consequence will manifest by hittin' me in the face
react and step back, another five seconds fly
Recoup and eat your soup until that bowl is dry...

There was also work being done on 2Dope's first album tentatively called Volume One but Stan and I never really got together to finish that one, either. We got the notion to do it way back in '93 but didn't get the chance to put it all together. We had a slew of songs for it, too - like: 2Dope Hooray, Nuttin' but a 2D Thang (both cover remakes), Get Loose, Sax Track (Lyrical Remix), G.A.R. III, Mess Wit G.O.B Week, Hear The Rebel, Suicide, Bring It, On Track, and more. Some of those songs were recorded at one time or another, but nothing was ever put down as a final cut.

Actually, what I'm doing right now is playing guitar and writing songs with that. First, I wrote some songs with words only, with a melody in my head - but no music written. Then I mastered power chords and have written some music, too. I started with a few cool little jammin' riffs here and there... I strung a few together and came up with some jams. I've now written a healthy amount of complete songs, and always working on some more. My band's name is Huge Down Here and we've released our first album March 23, 2004.

You can also check out The Dillys. I played drums in this two-man cover band, and we put out a CD, too. Rok rok rok.

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