OB's Dave Matthews Band CD List


All OFFICIAL, NO Bootlegs!

This is a list of the DMB CD's I had prior to losing ALL of them in the fire. Ones in yellow I have re-gained.

Remember Two Things (Bama Rags 0001)

[I also used to have the Recently promo 'single', which is Bama Rags 0002 - but I sold it.]

Recently EP (Bama Rags 0003)

Under The Table And Dreaming RCA Album

11 Song Sampler (RCA Promo Disc) Tracks: BOWA, Jimi Thing, WWYS, R & R - all from UTTAD; Billies, Satellite, Recently - all from RTT; Song That Jane Likes, Dancing Nancies, and Typical Situation - all from Dave Solo Acoustic Demo Session, Quad Studios 1991; plus Ants Marching by Dave and Tim, live at Alexandria VA.

Typical Situation Single (US Promo) Tracks: Typical (radio edit), Typical (from 1991 demo), WWYS Live, Dave & Tim, at Alexandria VA, and Typical (UTTAD version).

Ants Marching Single (Australia) Tracks: Ants (UTTAD version), WWYS (UTTAD Version), Typical Situation (Edit), and Ants, Live from Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, RI circa late'94 - early '95. (note, the begining Dave-Stefan and Roi-Boyd jams are cut out. Doh!) Also, same version as on Crash Into Me single.

Crash RCA Album

Too Much Single (Australia) Tracks: Too Much (radio edit), Too Much (album version), AND
Jimi Thing (with What Will Become Of Me) with Tim, Live at UCONN 2/17/96.

So Much To Say Single (Australia) Tracks : SMTS (radio edit), SMTS (Crash version), AND
#41 with Tim, live at Luther College 2/6/96.

Two Step Single (US Promo) Tracks: Two Step (Crash version and radio edit), plus Two Step, Crash Into Me, So Much To Say and Typical Situation - all with Tim, Live February '96.

Live at Red Rocks 8/15/95, Bama Rags/RCA Album (2 CD set)

Before These Crowded Streets RCA Album (Also on double vinyl!)

Don't Drink The Water Single (Australia) Tracks: DDTW (edit), Crash Into Me (live, 6/15/97) and Tripping Billies, same live version as on TB single (5/6/96).

Stay (Wasting Time) Single (US Promo) Tracks: Stay (Remix edit), Stay (album edit), and Stay (album version) - the remix features extra non-album Dave vocals on the last part of the song. (Don't it... make you wanna...)

Live At Luther College Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds 2/6/96 at CFL Theatre, Bama Rags/RCA Album (2 CD set)

Listener Supported 9/11/99 at Continental Airlines Arena, Bama Rags/RCA Album (2 CD set)

Everyday RCA Album

Live In Chicago 12/19/98 at United Center, Bama Rags/RCA Album (2 CD set)

Warehouse 5 Live EP/fan club release (CD-R copy)

Busted Stuff RCA Album

Live At Folsom Field | Boulder Colorado 7/11/01, Bama Rags/RCA Album (2 CD set)

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