Cece & Zack's Wedding
Phoenixville, PA - February 11, 2006

My future wife's mother became a wife herself on this day, when Cece married Zack McLane. He's a swell guy. It was a lovely afternoon, until it started to mini-blizzard on our way out the door at the end of the party... you kinda figure that's the breaks when you get married in February, so it's cool - and then their flight out to their honeymoon cruise got canceled. But that's another story. Here are some photos at the bed and breakfast where the festivities took place. Enjoy!

Mmm, cake. Sweet, sweet cake. Somebody was getting their picture taken on the landing, but I was taking a picture of cake.

These people were taking pictures of someone on the landing... and I took a picture of them. Just because. I had to include this one because how often does one get a picture of someone else's flash going off?! Oh, lucky day! I know some of those people - for instance, that's Aunt Sandy not taking a picture in the middle.

Tristan was taking full advantage of the fruit tray. As should we all. Flash included.

Stephanie looking oh-so-lovely.

Here's someone's in-law, wearing the most awesomely weird pink, fuzzy half-jacket on top of a dark dress. I could not stop staring at that thing. Uncle Barry holds down the center of this photo, sans hair.

Joe patiently waits for the ceremony to begin, or else he was gonna have to eat more cheese. What kind of cheese? Delicious!

Ah! The hitchin' begins. It was groovy.

We'll just pretend that the wedding program doesn't actually point to a passage in the bible where they talk about Sodom and Gomorrah. But it does. It was an inverted chapter and verse for a passage about Adam & Eve or something, and I hope that isn't a bad omen. It sure was funny at the time when the preacher guy admitted the goof, during the ceremony!

Man & wife, baby!

Tristan loves his ham so much, nothing can come between him and sweet pork goodness. Like a fork. Or the space between the plate and his head.

Joe said Come Sail Away with me, or else! Tristan resisted, but it was futile.

This was actually the best of the pictures of Tristan and I, despite his not paying much attention and whatever is going on with my hair.

Steph loves this shot of Tristan. Dirty face and all.

I dig this behind-the-scenes shot of the cake cuttin' - although there are probably 47 pictures of this scene with ME in the background on other people's cameras.

Tristan drinks OJ out of a plastic cup bigger than his head.

Tristan with mom-mom and pop-pop Zack.

The lovely bride and groom. Awwwwww. Zack was looking at me for both pictures but Cece and Tristan were both looking at someone else's camera. Dernit.