Counting Crows

10/25/97 @ Bryce Jordan Center, State College, PA


RTS, AoS, RainKing, Anna, CiB, HYSML?, (acoustic) : Mercury, Catapult, Mr. Jones, Omaha, HYSML? (un-acoustic) : Round Here, Daylight, Murdur of One
E: Sullivan Street, Wiseblood, Long December

They probably played Walkaways after A Long December, but by that time I was feeling so damn crappy that I had to leave... Yeah, thats the bum part - somewhere between DEV and the acoustic part of CC I started getting a massive migraine, and all plans to stay and hang out and meet the boys in the band(s) were foiled - I just wanted to get my ass home and into my bed. I met up with a couple people from the CC list before the show and they were real nice. I wished I coulda hung out with them after the show, as planned... doh! Next time...

Overall, it was a good show, and I was really psyched to hear Wiseblood and Omaha, a couple of songs I didn't hear at my first CC show... I stayed in the back of the crowd on the floor and still had a decent seat. The bad part of the show was the crowd wasn't anywhere near a sell-out, and the place felt a little empty. The people who WERE there were pretty stoic, too. Not much moving around and only when Adam yelled "Get On Up!" in Murder of One did they really get into it. A shame. Still, a good show.

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