Introducing... CARTER! (RIP 9/9/99)


He was my cat.

Carter passed away on September 9th, 1999. Cause of death, unknown. Pay your respects, please. He was a good kitty.

* * *

Billy Joel said it best - "don't ask me why..." but I owned a cat. Normally I hate cats. With a passion. But mine was groovy. His namesake was DMB drummer Carter Beauford and he was a little ball of complete terror.

This was the last picture taken of Carter. Me & him, 5/99. Photo by LoLo.

This is a shot of Carter, chillin' - 1/99.

My pal Erin took this killer b&w photo! (8/20/98)

Baby photos!
Photos by OB circa mid-July '98, Age ~ 10 weeks :

Photos by OB circa early September, '98 ~ 4 months :

Tired kitty.

Sleepy kitty.

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