Bowling - January 5, 2007 @ Devon, PA
Devon Lanes

I enjoy the bowling. Steph really likes the bowling. We took Tristan bowling a few months ago and had a blast. We hadn't been since then, and I literally got a coupon for a free game [at participating lanes] off the back of a Banquet TV dinner... great excuse to go bowling again! So I did a search for the nearest place that would take the coupon, and it was in Devon (about 10 miles up Route 30 on the main line). It was raining and it was Friday afternoon and we went straight up Route 30 instead of bypassing a bunch of it on I-476, so it took way longer to get there than it should have. I just hope the extra gas I used up for the round-trip cost less than the amount of the free game we got from the coupon. Because we live about 4 minutes from another bowling alley. All right, let's do it.

I don't remember ever seeing them, but Steph had; they had these wooden ramp-things that kids can use to roll the ball down the alley instead of trying to use their arms. Genius. Here, Steph helps Tristan with the aim. WOW, those shoes are bright.

A different shot, a different angle. That's my hot wife on the left.

Tristan with the push! Those are the neon-iest bowling shoes I have ever seen. I guess that way no one is ever gonna steal 'em.

Tristan is quite happy with his pin total. And yes, he looks *great* in black and gold.

Steph got a nice shot of me in action, with the follow-through. I actually took a bowling class in college for 1 credit. The instructor filmed us bowling and then showed the tapes in class and gave us all comments on our form and technique. He didn't like my follow through. I know he'd be proud. That was over 10 years ago. Yikes.

He probably wouldn't like this dance move, though. I think I was just smacking myself in the head for missing the spare. It looks more like I'm halfway through the Macarena.

That's my hot wife getting ready for her turn.

She's a blur on her first ball. But still hot. I love how her arm has somehow turned into an extension of the interior decoration.

She has awesome follow-through, as well. And she looks even hotter from behind. I think my baby bowled over 135 in both games! Yeah, she's got skillz.

The first in a five-part series of a typical Tristan turn. Number one: the moving of the ramp.

Number two: the aiming of the ramp.

Number three: the receiving of the ball (with some degree of difficulty).

Number four: the placing of the ball upon the ramp.

Number five: the watching of the ball. He would just stand there, cock his head a little bit as if to lean with the ball, and not move until WELL after the ball had hit the pins.

Another shot of "the watching of the ball". Notice the ramp is not in use at this point.

Yeah, Tristan got tired of rolling the ball off the ramp, maybe just because it was taking too long or maybe he wanted to do it like we did. He just started running (literally running) up to the lane and dropping the ball HARD towards the pins. The best part was that the line he ran from point A to point B wasn't always in a *straight* line. It was rather funny to watch, as long as he didn't drop the ball on himself (which he didn't). Thankfully we got one of those "jaunts" on video... here's a picture of one of the "drops" (as seen from the scorer's table).

Tristan goes for the spare! I think he actually got at least one during the two games we finished. Sure, the bumpers were up, but that kid ain't a bad bowler.