OB's Bad Trader List

Case #1:

Name: Huck Hyman
Email: billypilgrim@usa.net (since terminated)
Address: 7211 Denberg Road ~ Baltimore MD 21209
Phone: (410) 486-4087

We set up a trade on 3/29/97. He tells me he has 6/4/96 Va Beach and wants to trade for my 1/25/97. Cool, I say, cuz I have been looking for that show for awhile. We exchange addresses, I send fairly quickly, in anticipation and out of common courtesy. He tells me on 4/1 he will send the following day. He tells me on 4/6 that he already got mine and sent mine on the night of 4/1 and that I should get them the next day. I email him back 4 days later when I still have yet to recieve tapes and find that his email address has been terminated due to the cancelling of the subscription to the ISP.
I recently found out that the last name he gave me was a different spelling that his real last name, and I now know his phone number. I'm gonna give his folks a call and see if they know they're kid has been ripping people off. I know for a fact that he has screwed several other people.

Case #2

Name: Chris Klimowicz
Email: kindklimo@aol.com (probably now changed)
Address: 1050 S. Bill Martin Dr. #12201 ~ Tucson AZ 85745
(old school address, home address not known - somewhere in WI)

We set up a trade on 5/3/97. He tells me he has the Dave Tim Tuscon show from 2/23, so we agreed to trade that for my 2/21 Dave Tim show. I sent my tapes on 5/6. He told me on 5/4 that he was only at school till the 14th so I made sure to have them there by then. I emailed him a few times after I sent mine and got no replies, then on 5/22 he told me some crap about "my AOL account got switched to my parents bill in wisconsin, and I lost all my saved messages and what not..." so he lost my address, and he asked that I re-send it so he could send the tapes right away. I did so. I never received my tapes and emailed him about it weekly for about a month or two. The account was still active but he wasn't responding and hasn't since then. Don't trade with this loser!

Case #3

Name : Charles Cushman
email : ccushman@mounet.com
address : 521 Brandonwood Road, Kingsport, TN 37660

We set up an (e:) trade on 2/27/98... agreed on terms by 3/3, and on 3/19 he had my tapes in his hand. He told me on 3/19 that he would send " as soon as I can. Just wanted to let you know I hadn't forgotten!" and then on 4/12, when I finally heard from him again, he said : " I have had trouble getting ahold of the second tape for that e: show. My friend who had borrowed it lost it, so I've been trying to get a copy from my cousin. Good news, though: This Saturday my cousin is meeting me at DMB in Roanoke and is bringing the tape. I will spin your copy and get it to you within a week after I get it."
Needless to say, I didn't get my tapes... and that was the last I heard from Charles.

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